Eskimo season ticket holders to be re-imbursed!!!!!!


According to Marty York, the Eskimo season ticket holders will be reimbursed by Ralph Klein for poor performance and value. Esks ticket holders will receive 'Kleinbucks' which are legal tender in Alberta apparently. Also, the Edmonton police have, according to York, made an announcement that they will not arrest any Esks fans who moon the Eskimo players and coaches for their poor play. The police chief commented, "... they deserve it!"

riders rule
Esks Drool!!!!!!!! :lol:


ISNT Moon retired? :slight_smile:

not the 'cheeky' one!!!!!!!!!

turkey, stop being such an idiot.

...the moon's a balloon and the esk's balloon is bursting!!!!!!!!!!

where's McMahon by the way? I wonder if turkeybend is the 2nd coming of this guy?

Not only should the Eskimos refund the fans their season ticket money, they should double it! lol

... HIGHEST PAYROLL in the league , lowest return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my god, McMahon really is TB!

Naw, Turkey is entertaining, and he can sing!

McMahon is just crap.

Well, at least now I know how it feels to be a Rider fan, living in sub .500 seasons for the longest of time!

Wow I feel for you! To feel like that well that is just sad! :lol: