Eskimo,s not allowing media in the lockerroom

Not a great way to sell your product . The CFL needs all the exposure it can get. Very short sighted by the team and makes them look foolish !

screw the media

all they do is ask stupid questions and write stupid articles including ignorant assumptions.

Yeah, TSN has never done anything for this league and guys like Bob Irving don't know what they are talking about :roll:

Without the media to promote the game, the league would not survive. Are they all great? No, they're not. But there are crappy journalists, and football players, and lawyers, and salesfolk, and in whatever profession you could care to name. This is an incredibly disrespectful gesture to a group of people who are only trying to do their job.

I think it is great. New coach coming into a team that had some woes in the media last year (yeah...mainly caused by the GM and the coach..........."consequences" lol). Get the locker room in order, then look at opening it a bit. Part of the new TSN contract involves better access...I have to assume it will open up in time.

Whats the actual story here? anyone got a link to what has occurred?

Some rules mention of either a ban or access...

CFL news on twitter has reported it and confirmed by others in the media. Eskimo dressing room is closed to the media. I'm sure TSN will have a word with the league I would imagine ?

I can't find any reference to the dressing room being closed. Do you happen to have a quote, or anything?

CFL NEWS , reporting it on twitter and other columnists were commenting .

Bob Irving also confirmed it .

You still have shown nothing, there must be a quote from Irving.

apparently Edmonton is now in the majority

get ALL the facts from both sides before drawing conclusions

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Chris oleary, you are the joke.

[quote="FootbalYouBet"]apparently Edmonton is now in the majority

get ALL the facts from both sides before drawing conclusions

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Chris oleary, you are the joke.[/quote

It's accurate " first time in 65 years , media will not have access to the locker room "

“The players’ locker room is their sanctuary,? Jones said. “This is a place where the football players go each and every day and they confide in each other and they don’t have to worry about who’s in there. That’s the reason we’re doing it, is for the players.?
Totally agree with MR Jones

Sounds like a couple of medai types have their panties in a know because they can't smell the linament in the locker room. Many clubs have closed dressing rooms to all media. I think this is partly in response to female reporters demanding equal access to their male counterparts, so all media are excluded. I don't see this as a problem, the team and apparently 6 other CFL teams have decided that there should be a level of privacy in the locker room, but full access to the players is allowed on the field.

I don't see that as a problem. The reporters will have to grab a beer somewhere else.

Careful, Chris Jones. Your mentor, Don Matthews, tried to jack the media similarly in Montreal and it has cost the Als dearly ever since. You are not the only game in town in Edmonton. If you go out of your way to anger the press, they will shut you out. They will also delight in kicking you when you're down if by some chance the team doesn't win.

Teams never win when they go against the media, which is the fan's window onto their teams. The noose around the coach's neck will just get tighter and tighter, then in a week or two he'll have to relent and allow full media access to the team. That's what always happens when teams try this. :expressionless:

Sounds like Coach Jones is a paranoid sort. As someone mentioned the media is the window to the team…they are the eyes and ears for fans, season-ticket holders, etc. Might be a long season in Titletown.

Jones is also refusing to do halftime interviews and will not do a weekly coaches show on local radio. Great PR :?