Eskimo Playoff streak is OVER

3-7....not much chance of comming back from that, especially with the riders rolling hot right now.

Hmmmm. Well forget the Riders cause I think you would have a better chance of catching the Bombers for the crossover. However, you would need to win at least 3 more games this year to do it.

I'm not sure about that.

Easy DG
As much as I hope you are right......dont jinx it!

By the way the Eskimos have been playing, I would say that DG is dead on. Should be interesting to see who wins between Edmonton/Hamilton later on.

it’s come to the point where people arent sure who would win an edm/ham matchup after that effort Hamilton just put out tonight? that really is bad LOL

I wouldn't say that Edmonto is die yet, they can still CO to the East, so Winnipeg has to get it togerther and put the last nail in the coffin for the EE. Right now, that's not looking to good.

..just think a show-down between Ray and Maas.....the two former greats of the Grey-Cup champs......battling it out for.......yes wait for it.....last place... :lol: sorry guys couldn't resist...and the way my teams playing lately we could join that frightful group :thdn: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hang on Papa, you are onto something....... They are battling for FIRST! First pick in the draft!

Actually, I'll wait until the "Fat Lady" Sings. Edmonton has pulled out too many miracles over the years. Besides, they only need three more wins and they could cross over and beat out your Bombers! I'll wait for them to be mathematically out.

Well, I'm hoping that the Bombers do well in the second half of the season...we don't want any EE crossover...we want the Eskies in the coffin!

Don't you guys know? The Esk's are gonna win the rest of their games, go 11-7, and beat out Calgary for a spot in the playoffs. Calgary is gonna crash and burn and finish off 7-11! Can't you guys see it?

Seriously though, my prediction is they finish off 5-13. They should beat Hamilton twice.
Why? Cause they have something Hamilton doesn't. It's called offence.

wooooooooha! Sporty did you make a mistake here or have you come out of the closet! You are now a (shudder grit teeth) Bomber Fan!

Um Red2005, did you read my post? Me a Bomber fan, I pointed out to Papa that the Eskies could cross over and dump his Bombers. I wasn't rooting them on! :wink:

Sorry Sporty you scared me there! You are right I miss read it :lol: :lol:

Until the Eskimos are OFFICIALLY eliminated, they will not be counted out, especially with the cross over. The bottom four teams only need to get on a two game winning streak and could take the third place spot in the east! Even Hamilton COULD be that team if they can get their offense kick started!

Ladys and Gentlemen!
The fat Lady is going to sing!

Nate is that you!

Well, based on what I saw of the Bomber, Eskie, Rider, and Lion schedules for the remainder of the season, my guess is that the Bombers will win at least 3, Riders 5, Eskies 3, and Lions 5 of their last games. If it plays out this way, the Eskies are out, as the Bombers will be at 8-10, and the Riders at, IIRC, 10-8, and the lowly Eskies at 5-13