Eskimo Personnel Changes Since Last Season

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lookin kinda rough, don't ya think? hehehe

jeeeez cfl, i hope it isnt as bad as

omar morgan
davin bush
nate davis
andrew greene
kenton keith
chares thomas

we have maybe 2-3 starters leaving while you have 4-5 big ones leaving..and your biggest loss JOINED US :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Davis? replaced.
Greene? Replaced
Thomas? Replaced - was overrated anyways.

Keith? easily replaceable.
Morgan? replaceable

ALL are replaceable. There are so many players out there in the USA that are just as good as them.. it's not even funny.

any and all players are easily replaceable with a warm body. To say that replacing the talent that the riders lost this off season is easy, is just plain ignorant. If it was so easy, your team would have won jack squat since the 1980's. Which they haven't.

You wish it was just as easy as saying "replaced". Can you even tell me which players are trying to fill the gaping holes left by the loss of some of your more talented starters from last season?