Eskimo Jerseys and The Game on Friday Night

Hey guys, Well.. I'm going to make my second trip to Commonwealth Stadium ever on Friday night against the Riders.

Now, I was there last year and I saw that most of the better jerseys were at the Stadium. My brother bought Montford there, and I saw Hervey, Mobley, Gass, Ricky Ray and Tompkins.

Now.. my question.. Is there anywhere I can get a Tucker jersey? Preferably away jersey, the white jerseys are really nice. Or 3rd jersey would be good to.. or green home. I just want a Tucker one bad.

If not Tucker, just where is the best place to get them? What location? And how much are they.. still 185 stitched? Thanks.

And hopefully I'll see some of you at the game. Me, my bro and my friend are just gonna buy Sobey seats and move around to find good seats. Preferably rowdy seats so we don't have to worry about people telling us not to swear.

Last year, a drunk dude fell over his row of seats and was bleeding from the head. Here's the kick, though: He did a chinese kick up onto his feet and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.


I think you could get it at the Eskimos store right beside the Commonwealth Stadium. I’m not sure though I am just guessing.

Tucker would definitely be available at the game - probably most of the booths, or the main stores on each side for sure

Hey guys. I just got back from the game. West Edmonton Mall had nothing.. and most of the booths had nothing. I found one store and it had a gold Tucker jersey in the back. One problem: It's a small. I'm 5'11, 180 pounds so it just fits with some slack, so it doesn't look homosexual. (Btw, I'm not offending any homosexuals out there)

Anyways.. maybe you guys saw me. I was with my older brother in a red Michael Vick jersey and a red Braves hat.

Peace.. and damn.. that store was closed I guess. I called the Ticket Office earlier and they said they were closed until the 14th. Oh well.. I got my jersey. Wish it was two sizes bigger though.

Contact Jersey City in Edmonton and they will help you. We got the 3rd jersey for my son with Tucker on it. It costed us approximately $185.00 and my son wears his jersey to every game very proud. Hope this helps!!!! Now lets start kicking some butt!!!!