Eskimo Injuries

Anyone hear who's not playing this week versus the gades? I see Hervey and Sanchez are on the Injured reserve list, anyone know if they will be playing???

i think Hervey and Sanchez will both be sitting out, while Elvis Joseph and a DL, maybe Wayne will be coming in

I missed that. Joseph is back on Thursday?

i think so

Who is the gades backup qb again?


i think Banks should be back-up, but he's injured, anyone know how long he is out

yes, it is Banks, Kennedy is in Calgary

Kennedy was cut by Calgary, he re-signed with Ottawa...he's the current back-up, but i think when Banks comes back he'll go to third

that's what I thought, but then I thought it was wrong. Who's back up Calgary then ?


your gesser is as good as mine... i am just tooo funny!

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