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[b][i]Per #CFL sources: Edmonton GM Brock Sunderland has reached out to assistant coaches/coordinators across the league, inquiring about their interest to interview to be head coach in Edmonton.

Doesn’t look good for Jason Maas there.[/i][/b]

12:41 PM - 31 Oct 2018

It has also been pointed out that if true, Sunderland is in effect tampering.

City hosting the Grey Cup and your team can’t make the playoffs in a 9 team league where only 3 don’t make it. Ultimate pressure in any pro sports league I can think of, nothing close. Maas will pay the price. If I was owner, he’d be gone even if he wasn’t the main problem.

I don’t believe it.

No matter what I think of him, i believe he is smarter than that.

I do believe that AFTER the Grey Cup, he will be looking for a replacement for JM.

And if he isn’t , then HE should be fired!!!

No question, he has to be fired. And with a guy like Mike Reilly? Something is amiss and it’s the head coach that usually takes the biggest hit, and rightly so.

They’ve been very streaky the past two seasons, haven’t they.

Shouldn’t this be in the Eskimos forum?

The problem is if it was in the Eskimo forum there would be nobody reading it . Have you seen their forum ? It’s a ghost town , nobody posts there . It might as well have tumbleweeds blowing through it and cobwebs hanging in every corner .

Why would it be tampering? If he asks permission it is fair game no?

You would think they’d officially fire him before asking for apps. From what I know, HC recruiting is a little more targeted than asking interested coaches to apply.

I think a main problem in E is paying 10% of cap to one guy.

They start off fine then suffer through injuries and are up against the cap. They also spent a disproportionate amount on the O side.

But Maas will be fired. He may not be the only one. But even though he was a fav returning son, his antics embarrassed the team and his late game management was baffling. But that temper was something.

It also seemed to me that Reilly was fed up all year with something. I actually see him in Regina next year and Collaros going to FA with teams being wary of him because of his injuries.

Because of the “Maas rule” or “Thorpe rule”, the Commissioner (Orridge - 2016) made a rule that written permission must be obtained to talk to or negotiate with a Coach or Manager under contract with another team.
If they are signed by that team after negotiations then compensation is required which would already be offered in the written permission to negotiate (draft picks)

There are stiff penalties for not abiding

Penalties for not following the new protocol include a $25,000 fine and loss of the first round draft pick; a second offence could lead to suspension, or even a lifetime ban, at the commissioner’s discretion. Another provision allows a team to maintain the coach’s “rights? if he retires or quits before his contract is up so that he cannot jump to a different team, as current Montreal Alouettes defensive coordinator Noel Thorpe tried to do.

The first guy I would hire as HC for any team looking is Paul LaPolice.
He has an awesome offensive coordinator mind.

Lapolice was HC of the Bombers a few years ago and didn’t fair well, as I recall. Maas was considered tobe an excellent OC with Ottawa when he came here and as history has shown , isn’t HC material so far. I know there is/was a Ass. coach with Hamilton by the name of Steinhaur who’s name was mentioned either last year or the year before as HC material…
the ESks have had Maccioca, Reed , Jones and Maas with NO HC experience before they came to Edmonton , maybe it is time to find a HC with experience as a head coach AND a winning history again. The question is who will be available after the season is complete?

Yes we all remember Lapo as the HC with the Bombers.
I think he has matured quite a bit and his current stint as the OC has showed the man remains an offensive and dare I say genius in his league.
I believe how the BB lead or are near the top of most offensive categories.
Reportedly he is well liked and is regarded as a “players coach”.The kind of person you want and for our league definitely an offensive minded coach is a prime candidate to fill when HC positions become available.
As for Steinhaur, I keep hearing of being highly regarded, maybe so but I don’t see it as before he left a few years ago the defensive schemes and categories for the Cats while he was the DC were not impressive.

Where has it been said that this has or has not happened? If it hasn’t then sure…it is tampering, but unless I am missing something, then all that has been stated is that work is he is putting it out there.


it’s not all that uncommon to start it in advance

I think that the main problem in Edmonton is that they have a very good coach who has maybe taken to much on himself and has horrid temperament that the players tune out. All it takes is seeing him lose his mind and the players and coaches not even reacting to it on the sideline…like not even a little…to see there is an issue there.

I would think Rhodes might be in tough as well. I don’t blame him for canning Hervey…hervey went against the grain way too much…but the reality is they have been continually worse since he left. Brock needs time…but the optics are not great.

In the long run the key for any stadium is does the stadium provide as many good sightlines as is possible combined with enough luxuries at the lower end of seating eg. individual seats for the majority of seating and at the higher end of seating for those corporate type boxes. And of course locker room facilities, press box facilities etc. Whatever shape the stadium is really shouldn’t matter come to think of it.

Yeah I actually feel badly for Maas.
His adopted home town for about 20-25 years
His dream job
It’s the kind of thing that will wake him up in the middle of the night with him wailing…“why…why…why was I so stupid”
Your right though. No one even took notice of his behavior on the field. Ho-hum. The worst response of all in a way.

Bring back Maciocia