Eskimo fans

Are you guys nervous?? You should be! Anyone who's
ever been to McMahon knows its the regular season game of the yr.

We start early and end late.

Poor Ricky gonna take a beating.

Write that down!

Ahhh More Gypsies !!! :wink:

im confident enough to let the game result do the talking

Eskylo isnt a esky fan? This whole time..

supposedly the lo means low, the opposite of high, somehow meaning he hates the esks, poorly written name IMO

I'm really looking forward to next Monday's game.

As long as Lancaster Jr. actually has the offense hand off the ball once in a while, the Esks should win. However, if they do what they did against Toronto and throw 55 passes and attempt only 5 running plays all game, Calgary will probably squeak one out.

Sorry guys he likes teasing Eskie fans he is a Stamp fan and glad he is here. No body hates the eskies. The best thing that comes out of Edmonton is empty greyhound buses!

Labor day will be

Calgary wins IMO