Eskimo fans screwed by schedule, again!

I am extremely PO'd about this years schedule, with 5 Thursday night home games again. Who is responsible for this? Is it the league doing the screwing or the Eskimos. If anybody knows please pass on the name of the person responsible so I can write.

Well, since I can't attend any of the game ('bout a four hour flight), the Thursday games don't bother me much. But what does bother me is having the Calgary games all clumped together.

Lions aren't happy either. They draw well on Saturday nights after Labour Day, but only got two this year.

I always thought teams had preferences and could vetoe dtaes. That led me to beleive that the Eskimoes actually wanted Thursday games.However, seeing the lack of Saturday games this year in BC makes me want to jump on CFLEsksfan's bandwagon.

Im glad they aren't 8pm start times!!! in Edmonton on their thursdays!

Pretty much makes my chances of seeing a game in Commonwealth = zero. Maybe next year.

Even with the 7:00 start time, that still means that even people in Edmonton will get back home at around midnight. People who commute from outside of Edmonton can pretty much kiss the first half of the season goodbye and with home black-outs they get doubly screwed. Fans complained about the Thursday games last year, it looks like those complaints fell on deaf ears. One of the reasons I have stayed loyal to the Esks for over 50 years is because the Eskimo Family cared about the fans. Looks like that caring is out the window.

i asked the esks organization (i e mailed on the website ) and got a reply like this …although it’s going to affect the out of town fans , the schedule had to be done this way , there are serveral factors involved… tsn / programming etc ,
and variuos events going on in edmonton on the friday / saturdays which affects transit (cabs, busses, lrt, etc…)
they said they will be pushing for friday games next year & sould be ok due to different event dates . i do agree im gonna miss a lot of home games this year too …thursdays sheeshhhhhh … i just hope that they dont black out any of these thursday home games on tv .the fans are gonna freak if they do… i suspect most of the thursday home games will be broadcast this year…

esks in '09 :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


i live outside of the city, and after a 7pm game, I am home just after 11pm!

if you are smart and you know the roads to take to get out of there fast and get the heck home, you can make it easily in 40-45 minutes!

and now that they have the City Transit fully in with the Esks, it's easier than ever before!

they have had 7pm starts before, and they did have a few thursday games in previous seasons...

I think it's better than last year..

My personal problem with a 7 o'clock start time mid-week is that I rarely get home from work until 6 and going straight from the job site isn't usually an option. That said when it's football I would likely make it work, with hockey and it's 4 million home games a year it just wouldn't.

tough break for edmonton, that real crappy. weekday games are awful to go too and ive never been a fan of them. if tsn wanted all the cfl games, they should have had to accept that the cfl plays almost all of its games friday thru sunday with maybe the odd thursday game. i dont like that the cfl is bending over to accommodate a tv station. it should be about the fans who go to the stadium first, then the tv viewers.

Try being an out of town fan.I live 3 hours away and try to get to a home game at least once a year.Not looking good this year.

Especially when its not like TSN payed a huge sum for the broadcast rights.

I wonder what Toronto's schedule is like?

Ok I just checked they have all Fri and Sat games with the exception of two weeks early in the season and another monday game on a long week-end.

Esks have 4 home Thursday night games, Montreal has 2. Apart from that no other team has a regular season game on a thursday! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I have a theory on this seeming unfair scheduling. I think the fact that Edmonton has the best attendance in the league is the reason we got stuck with Thursdays. We will still have better overall attendance through the season (like we do every year) even with the crippling effect of the Thursday night games. In doing that the CFL thinks they can raise attendance in other markets by offering them better time slots and favourable coverage on TSN. .....I dont's just a theory... Also I'm not totally heartbroken about the schedule. I work shift work and this year is one of those "moon and stars alligning" years that I can attend every home game. Woo Hoo.