Eskimo cuts

So who do you guys predict to be cut, do you think they will keep all 4 qb’s , put one on the practice squad ( johnson for merely lack of experience not skill) and then eventually make a trade? also who is going to be the esks starting running back? Just wondering what the rest of the esks fans think!

kahari is gone

khari is gone like thechamp said and so is scott robinson, i would have traded khari instead of releasing him at least trade him for a dect running back even that hill guy in toronto, but i think Ron McClendon will be the eskimos starting runningback

iits KHARI!!!!

kabongo has now been released and lamar was put on the injured list

it's not officail yet.

Not really surprised - Khari played OK in the two preseason games, but I don’t think Khari would be happy as #3.

Johnson would accept being #3 for this season, he is younger, and he showed in preseason that he’s capable of playing in this league.

I’m still waiting for the press release to see who we decided to keep. There’s a whole whack of good talent that’s about to be cut from the Esks camp.

You guys missed cutting one important person... Lancaster Junior. I've never been a big fan of his, as his record in Winnipeg and Hamilton show, but I think your offense will produce in Spite of him.

You know...If you had cut him, that might have put a lock on another Grey Cup....

I suspect that Maciocia is still responsible for most of the offense.

Lancaster Jr. is probably just riding his coat tails.

.......not so.......if you go back and try to find the eskimo state fo the franchise teleconference Coach M was pretty eager to just let Ron Jr. do his thing while he concentrated on the D.............

see…Kabongo was put back on the team, McClendon is on inactive list, and we got Kelley back, i knew that old roster was wrong.