Eskimo Commercial

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In case you missed it (link above), this is the commercial the Edmonton Eskimos did that involved a ton of fans to partake in. It's stuff like this that gets the CFL and their individual teams noticed. The commercial aired twice during the Oiler game last night, which was definitely a prime-time showcase. It was released yesterday and has over 24,000 views atm from just facebook viewing and was likely seen by hundreds of thousands if not a few million during last nights hockey game.

I hope every team can come up with something like this. The CFL did an amazing production for the Grey Cup pregame (was 6-7 hours leading up to the game). But advertising in advance, a month and a half before the season starts is huge. The league needs to be more proactive in that aspect and it can start with individual teams.

GO ESKS! :thup: :smiley:

Really well done. :thup:, I see the Stampeders were wearing their road all-black uniforms...

Excellent for sure. :thup:

The most annoying thing I’ve heard, as I’m sure most of you have heard in the past 5 years or so is how the CFL needs the younger generation and the league doesn’t do much to attain it, just talks, knows it’s an issue, but does nothing. Hopefully this is a catalyst for every franchise and the league promoting itself more.

Awesome, we need something like this in the wannabe US capital here.

Argos should be looking to Hamilton for some sort of partnership on marketing. Hamilton has been putting out great stuff for years and I have no doubt that the clubs could somehow work together on a campaign.

Yes , agree the Cats have been doing and putting out some great promos the past few years. Here is just a small sampling of some of the stuff put out by the Black “n” Gold to help promote and market our team. :smiley: :rockin:

Ti-Cats TV 2017 Sizzle Reel …

Forging a Partnership…

We are Hamilton…featuring Simoni Lawrence , Mike Daly and Adrian Tracy

2014 Eastern Final Hype Video…

#Is It June Yet…

Tim Hortons Field Fan Experience…

I even got chills and I am farthest thing from an Esks fan. Well done by the team...also in a side note just want to give the Argos media team props for their production the last two years, it may not be turning out butts in the seats but it is really quality work and will eventually make a difference if they stick to it. This type of advertising is what the CFL needs.

I live in Kitchener which is an hour drive from Hamilton and an hour train ride from downtown TO.

Neither team advertises here.

I see about equal number of supporters for each team and think this would be a great opportunity to promote the rivalry by "fighting" over the area.

There are opportunities with both clubs. TC and Argos offer group sales tickets at reduced prices and then a luxury coach picking up in downtown Kitchener to either of these teams.

Promoters use to do this for many events. Probably could work. Tickets are cheaper in a group and the bus isn't too expensive. Any universities or colleges in town where a student might want to organize something and pocket a few dollars? The teams will work with you and are there to help

No kidding, here are a couple of my favs.

2014 Intro Video

The Game of Rouges

Ti-Cats are Hummin' Music Video

We Are Hamilton Football

Labour Day 2014: Battle on Ontario (although I think the league made that one)

and a bit of an older one. The Labour Day Code

That’s shocking to be honest…I feel like the Cats won over Guelph in a big way when they played there, Kitchener-Waterloo is ripe for the picking, and is also somewhat used to being divided with the two universities in the area/two cities persona? (I may be way off base here)

Twin Cities is an underestimated football region in Ontario, and Waterloo actually did some damage in recruiting this year which might respark that program in a couple of seasons if things pan out, which could create a fun rivalry between Laurier and them in the future…one can hope at least lol