Eskimo coaches...

Im very shocked that the Eskimos axed Jason Tucker… seems odd just from a PR point of view… I told a couple of people this yesterday, and nobody believed me.

I'm thinking the P.R. stuff obviously went out the window when they hired Tillman. What could be a worse P.R. move than that? The esks are now a win at all costs organization. With the coaches hired today, the plan seems to be looking good going forward. Can't see the Eskimos missing the playoffs again next year. Everything Tillman does is so obviously to get the best possible people out of every paycheck available to a team, at any cost. It's all about winning and the Esks gain from the Riders "code of conduct" dreamworld they live in.

It is curious, but I don't see it being a PR issue... The real head-scratcher is why Campbell was brought back. :?

you guys.. seriously.

they want to win.. that's the bottom line.

I can't figure out that move either, can anyone else?

Why is that a head scratcher? If he was brought back as DC yeah but he's going to be ST coordinator. He did a pretty good on ST when he was with the Bombers.

It was probably more of a PR move to hire Tucker in the first place. Does anyone know whether he was actually a good coach or not?

Winning is the best PR move out there.

got that right...

Wish the Riders had figured that out about 15 years ago

Winning at all costs with Rick Campbell as a coordinator? Nyet.

More announcements out of Edmonton - Marcus Crandall is the new OC with Steff Kruck as receivers coach. As well, Mark Nelson will be remaining as LB coach.