Eskimo CEO Len Rhodes Exiting (was he fired?)

Len Rhodes, aka The Ketchup Man of Edmonton is leaving (cut/fired/retiring) as Eskimo CEO with 1 year left on his contract . . . .

Exit date is Feb. 20th

Rhodes really didn’t have much background in football but he did have a relatively solid business resume - certainly better than rubber-faced Wadzilla Miller in Winnipeg or the other Fiasco Twin, Garth Buchko.

I bet Lyle Bauer’s ears perked up a tad when news broke earlier of Rhodes’ early exit.

Bauer has been moping around the league for another $400k to $500k windfall bonanza since his last contract with the Calgary Stampeders expired a few yrs ago.

Don’t know who will ascend to the throne in Edmonton - Bauer is actually a joker who now applies for every CFL position that pays over $300,000 so no doubt he’ll try to con Edmonton’s board into another reprieve. However, I do think the Esk’s board has enough businessmen who can take this spot on. What they lack are football men. Jason Maas is prolly their #1 football guy (thankfully they didn’t fire him as predicted) while Brock Sunderland is #2. They really lost it by cutting Ed Hervey loose, The Ketchup Man then signed off on the Ricky Ray trade and now Mike Reilly is making his way to the exit ramp.

4 guys that won’t get the Eskimos CEO job - Lyle Bauer, Brendan Taman, Garth Buchko & Wad Miller. I suspect only one will apply (Bauer) although Taman, rough hewn et al would be an interesting possibility. (solid football knowledge, zero corporate stature)

One fell swoop. Over and done with and headed in a new direction. Everyone walks away smiling.

Bombers need to make the exact same move imo.

Winnipeg’s Beavis 'n Butthead group makes it nigh on impossible to take out guys who are as much the architects of their own salary structures as they are their own bored of directors. (The actual board, led by Dashing Dayna Spiring is nothing more than a rubber-stamp comprised of the usual suspect jock-sniffers & knife 'n forkers)

Only way the bombers make significant changes (ie. Wad, Gomer Kyle, etc.) is if the team runs out of money - - - which essentially means their TSN grant is compromised and attendance, promotions, etc. can’t cover shortfalls.

When they go to provincial govt. for money, either to top up the tank or gap fill a huge deficit. Nobody really knows where the money meter is - so the only evidence will be Wad taking an early morning CAP-IN-HAND visit to Pallister’s Broadway office.

Rhodes going down in a hail of bullets if nothing less. Good for him.

Would think the average Eskimo fan would be pumped over today’s signings and can see it translating to ticket sales.

Meanwhile Winnipeg ?

Good discussion on Esksfans regarding the changing role of the board of directors. Seems a lot like the Winnipeg situation.

Quote from a post by Diesel: “the Bod has become an extension of the Edm Chamber of Commerce circle of influence. A perk, a networking plum.”

Hits the nail on the head imo.

Only if the direction you preferred was toward the bottom.

Everyone walks away smiling.
Everyone but the fans at the end of the season.