Eskimo ball-control offense, a horrible coaching decision

I thought this was pretty interesting, I got it off of Beerfish at

Offensive tds this year in the league:

over 90 yards: 1
80-90 yards: 1
70-80 yards: 5
60-70 yards: 2
50-60 yards: 3
40-50 yards: 3

Number of Esks td's in these stats: Zero

Our td's over 30 yards:

Tucker 35 yards
Tucker 35 yards
Tucker 32 yards.

Double team Tucker the whole game and you will beat the Eskimos.

…Isn’t Tucker already being double-teamed most of the time?..he’d pretty much score on every play if he wasn’t…interesting stats though, could just be a slow start rather than a trend…

Wow you've revealled the secret formula to beat the Esks! All hell will break loose!

"Beerfish" was just pointing out that Tucker is the source of all of the esks big plays. And the esks "big plays" aren't really that big compared to other teams in the league. All thanks to danny m. and his offensive scheme.

Ray has the best completion percentage in the league, and the Eskimos are finding ways to win (well, not last week). Anyhow, it'll be a battle of the West Coast offense this week, since Calvillo can't seem to hook up with his deep threats at all this year.