Eskimo Alouettes Game Thread bango bongo, another week begins...

...Eskimos take this one by 9, don't ask me how, but they do it...'s been awhile since I've been here, I credibility, less than it's ever been if that's possible....but Esks by 9, possible! Montreal can't be as good as they've shown. Can EE be as bad as they've shown? Hope not. But please, can TSN please lay off the MA praise a little?
Cgy is getting there...wait, let's just wait a little, can we? Ricky, and coaching...geezis have the coaches been horrendous...needs to be a lot sharper. I'm shocked with the EE offense this season so far...and Ritchie Hall...hello, deer in the headlights.

please , tell me how? :roll:

60,000 YARDS
Congrats AC!!!!!

Just can't stop em!! :slight_smile:

I don't care how many points they win by as long as they actually win!

My Christmas Wish:

Alouettes O-Coordinator goes to Saskatchewan! :smiley:

You haven't bailed on your team yet.....?


give it time..... :stuck_out_tongue:


Great catch by Mann and decent run by Whitlock. Let's see a little more of that. Edit: And as soon as I say that, the drive stalls, and Prefontaine misses a field goal. Seems when I cheer for them, they do badly, but when I dump on them, they play well. Maybe I should keep dumping on them. :slight_smile:

Whitlock, slips on the Crappy grass in Edmonton!

Ok so might be some encouraging signs in Eskie land. And it looks as if the Eskie defence might be starting to gel.

...Like the Leos did two weeks ago...


eskies playing very very well tonite

Who are these guys playing for Edmonton's O-Line? They can't be the same guys as before. That's just not possible. Great drive by Edmonton. That's exactly how they needed to come on. Incredible catch by Stamps.

there seems to be a stupidity virus going around the CFL.. Saskatchewan had it last week, now Montreal seems to have caught it.

sheesh. a little variety on your offense guys!

Typical Alouettes… Start strong, then fizzle. They are playing like whimps. It looks like Marcel Bellefeuille is back as their offensive coordinator.

Wow! The Als let Edmonton convert a 2nd and 18... Most overrated defense ever! So much for Trestmann's SUPER preparation. He should go back to viewing videos for a high school team.

The game is far from over. Edmonton just fumbled. If Montreal can march down the field, they'll be right back in it.