i ordered a eskies jersey online today, has anyone else??, because im 6.3 245. and i dunno if a XXL will be big enough??? does anyone know how big they are

Ya I oredered one to cover my toilet but it has not arrived yet! Dam they are slow. rw'05, you allowed yours into the house?.........mine is under my '82 CJ7 sunday toy which drips a bit of oil........gotta keep the garage floor clean you know.......

lol....well see i dont use your 3rd jersey for anything, because i could not do enough a$$ whiping to make that jersey look worse then it does

It is just to bring up some humor with house guests. But dam it the old one which is only months old is smelly they keep missing all the time.

altho i am clearly a rider fan i will give you the answer to your question.
i am 6foot3 230 pounds and i bought my new black rider jersey and it is a xl and it fits perfect so a xxl should be big enough for you.

They are the current World Champions. Ya baby.

Argotom just woke up remembering the Blues Jays winning! Are you alright Argotom!

please, don't be American! :roll:

All right guys, I am just getting ready to hear this silly announcement from the Super Bore World Champions. If they insist then I will have to evoke the Sports Fan Stupidity Clause in demanding a CFL vs NFL winner take all and World Championship Title. Any takers?

I take that, the ABA would have kicked the NBA butt in the mid 70's and the WHA to the NHL in the late 70's, so why not?