Eskies win over Sask and Officials!!

Grreat game Eskies. Nice to get a win even with the officiating against you.

Not everyone thinks that.(the refs I mean)

That is just low my friend, you got the win fine but how can you say that after Ray's TD? Low...

reffing was terrible all game, one call doesn't mean the reffing was biased for the esks,

thank you eskie54. See I told you we weren't the only ones that complain

Yes, one call means it is biased when it has to do with points.

SASK.........couldn't catch the ball allot , but EDMONTON sure did.

SASK........couldn't stop EDMONTON , during the LONG DRIVE , before RAY scored.

SASK......doesn't have a great FG kicker or a smart coach.
Terrible play calling by the end of the game.

SASK.......just blew it.....and the REFS had nothing to do with their loss.

what if McCallum hit that last FG, would that mean reffing was biased for the riders?

Can't blame McCallum for missing a 52 yard FG, how many kickers in that situation would have hit it on that super shitty field from that far? 0.

it has been done before.

not my point, read my post again

Was talking to hellothere. And like I've said already, that play at the end of the game was only significant because of the previous screw up by the ref.

Nope it means we would have won against the officials and Esks both, meaning we would have been undisputedly the best team.

but i thought when reffing effects points it does make it biased

Yea, that call was only significant, ONLY SIGNIFICANT, because refs handed you 7 points. We don't need a FG at the end of the game if we're up 6, sorry.

our 7 wouldnt've been significant if the reffing was fair, which would've meant we would've been already winning

7 points and the lead, don't forget.

I disagree that the reffing was biased in the Riders favour their esk32001. All of those pass interference calls, except the last one, were spot on, infact there could have been more. The roughing on crandells hook slide was the only other call that was questionable, and they have been calling those all year long, so you can't blame them on those.

I don't think the refs were biased for either team. I thought they did fairly well today. Other then that pass interference call. The TD I don't blame them, That was replay one, for that I blame the league for not having it yet.

How about the facemask/late hit to Crandell's head near the end of teh game that wasn't called. about the clothesline to Reynolds last night?..........