Eskies VS Stamps (generally speaking)

I'll admit that when it comes down to rooting for one of Alberta's two teams, I usually find myself cheering on the Eskimo side. Have been since I was a kid.


I think my picture and name say enough :lol:

Battle of Alberta is usually when the two best teams in the league get together. However, that may be when BC and Edmonton get together this season for the "best in the league bowl".

I would say Edmonton has it in the bag if it weren't for injuries to AB, JC Sherritt and John White. It'll be an even game without those three for us, I still have my Esks winning though, 31-27.

I have always disliked the Eskimos. Funny enough I never minded the Stumps until I moved to Calgary and saw the arrogance and apathy of their fan base. Now I detest them.

Roughriders @ McMahon - CFL Football = Old School Rivalry on the line of scrimmage. Cheered for the Stampeders as a kid though.

Great interesting comment. Actually didn’t know that.
Travel to Calgary quite a bit. Most fans say" Stadium is just fine"
They don’t want to pay big bucks to meet team owners needs. I like that.

Easy answer…I hate both of them :smiley: :lol:

Living in Calgary since 1972, I have been a hard core Stamps fan.

While the Lions have been my number 2.

I have now changed. Lions for me are my number 1.

I suggest all of you detest the Stamps with every once of passion in you.

I will explain in a thread called STAMPS: SHOW CLASS AND STOP BEING JERKS

Never cheered for the Eskimos. Not once, not ever.

I cheer for all teams but the Eskimos

Oh!! they must be a very good team then. I’ll try to watch there games now.
Thanks for the tip friend. Cheers and all that stuff.

Good for you :thup: :thup: .

Yet you live in Edmonton.

Actually Vernon, But started to watch eskies in 1956 as a youth. Always liked strong teams.
Most do. Cheers friend.

OK, I was thrown off because his location states Edmonton.

...cflisthebest indeed hails from Edmonton...

Good to know. Why did Brianjox claim cflbest was from Vernon ?

I have always hated the Eskimos since they ran up the score on us in the 1980 Grey Cup to the tune of 48 - 10 . The thing though as they say is " pay back is a b!tch" and one of my finest memories came 6 years later when the Cats got their revenge in the 1986 Grey Cup when we re-payed them in full with a 39 - 15 total beat down of a heavily favoured , over confident , cocky Eskimos team who were never in the game from start to finish :smiley: :rockin: :smiley: :rockin:

As for hating on the Stamps ? Well that's simple really , we never seem to beat them......BUT then again no one seems to beat the Stamps lately........They rarely lose at all........That is of course until the game really matters , then they fold up like a cheap suit :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: .

And finally when it comes to Head Coaches the two that drive me absolutely nuts and irritate me the most in this league outside of our own HC lately :oops: are without a doubt Dave "the dork" Dickinson and Jason " dopey" Maas :stuck_out_tongue:
( I guess all you Rider fans are shocked that I didn't say Jones eh ? :lol: )