Eskies vs Riders what do you think?

Well since there are very few Esk fans on here anymore. I a Stamp fan will look after their interests!
The Eskies for some reason have no heart! It seems the y move the ball well but just clam right up when they get to the point zone. They have great receivers but I feel they are still weak on the running game and this could be caused by a new offensive line. These guys still have not played as a complete unit. They have been good on the pass rush but the running game there does not seem to be holes. The defense to has had changes and well there is no cohesiveness in the defense. Jeanty is sorely missed! Where the heck is Gass?
The Riders well great fans did I say that before! The offense did nothing the last game that supposedly great offensive line gave up several sacks last week and Jospeh was rushed all night long. The defense well they were on the field way to long. But where was Nate last game! And Perry was a non issue after the week before. Schultz did a good job. I have hunch the Eskies will win big this game it is their home coming tonight! Good luck to both teams!

I think this will be Machoochas last stand.

I hope you’re right!

The Eskimos have been consistently bad and the Riders have been inconsistent. If we see a new, recharged Esks team tonight then they have a shot.

How did I do EE? Supported the green and gold good enough?

I know that I'm probably going to be lynched for saying this, but I hope the Esks lose tonight.

That's right. I'm hoping that the team I've cheered for for the past 20+ years loses. The reason? They need to get rid of Maciocia.

If you've been paying attention, they played exactly like this last year, only last year they were lucky enough to win most of their games. They had no fire, no spark. They dragged their asses around like there were pianos tied to them. Same as this year, only their luck has changed and they haven't managed to win.

Maciocia needs to go. Now. He's useless as a coach because he can't inspire/ignite the players. He calls offensive plays that even Helen Keller could defend against.

They need to lose tonight. For the good of the team.

riders win, machochia fired tomorrow.

This is a game Edmonton is EXPECTED to win. They will only have turned the corner when they go in BC or Montreal and beat not just win a tough opponent.

I don't think them winning tonight tells us much about this team...

:lol: Helen Keller :lol: :lol: She would intercept! :lol:

You did an amazing job. Pretty accurate assesment I'd say.

If the City of c hampion's eskimos lose tonight they should move the franchise to Ottawa.
Riders Rule!!!!!!!

Or Saskatoon :slight_smile:

I would love to see the Riders win this one. Reallity is that no matter how much Edmonton may be slumping, they ALWAYS seem to play the Riders tough. If Joseph can't get the offence off to a quick start, this could be a long night for the Riders.

Esks are playing with a rookie at safety. That could be trouble.

I'm guessing that Condel will be very aggressive and call a lot of deep passes to test him. Armstead should have a big night.

Well the reason I think the eskies will win tonight is a guy with a rider jersey was crossing the road tripped on a black cat fell under a ladder and then got hit by a bicycle rider! Oh did I mention the rider guy was carrying a mirror and it broke! :lol: Eskimos in a cake walk! heretic rw05!! shame me for being a closet rider fan and here you are pumping up our mortal enemies..... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ......

Ah just getting even with you bendict stamp fan! ha ha What we have not deported you out of the province yet! AH we can't Mrs Redandwhite would get mad at you! And then you turn grumpy! Besides the Eskie fans are a low point and never really have experience right so why not help out our Alberta Brothers! But you a closet riderfan! Your lucky we do not lynch you! :lol:

Oh did I tell you that the Eskioms are 2-5 the fans are sad, this a low point in the history of the Eskimo franchise! This is critical! The paddles are out! They need the help of their southern enemy!

Ray is due to get untracked in the TD department.It's a huge game for both teams.I just think the Esks will sneak through in a close one.

i pick my [i]RIDERS[/i] to win in this weeks picks and i stick to it :wink: I to want to see Danny machochia fired tomorrow. :lol:

I think if your Green Machine wins,you'll get your wish!