Eskies vs Cats - Who Gets The W

Hamilton - 20
Edmonton - 26

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    Collaros joked during the post-game interview that the defence and special teams are making it difficult for the offence because they keep scoring points, making it hard for the offence to put up big numbers. <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

We'll see this Friday at Commonwealth - Eskies Big D steps up to the hype. Edmonton by 6

Odd that with the name taylorfield you have an Argo helmet as your portrait.

Either way, the Esks vs Ti-Cats could be a Grey Cup preview. Obviously the Esks will have the home field advantage.

What this game comes down to is can Hamilton put forward a rush attack vs can Edmonton put forward more of a pass attack and will the opposition stop the other at this (as we know they can stop Hamilton's Passing and Edmonton's rushing). Statistically Hamilton beats Edmonton in offense, save rushing. Conversely, Edmonton's defense is superior, save for rushing yards allowed.

Hamilton is a pass happy team, 2nd in both overall and pass offense. Against that kind of attack, you need to be stopping the passing game, which is exactly where Edmonton's defense excels (being 1st in both total D and Pass D), less so on the run. If Grigsby or Banks gets going though, that will hurt the Esks, with their 3rd in the league rushing stop.

Edmonton however is 4th overall on offense, being 3rd in rush and 6th in pass. Against Hamilton's vicious rush defense, you can't expect to get a lot of rushing yards. If you don't make passes, the Ti-Cats will make you suffer. That said, if Edmonton's receivers capitalize and avoid turnovers. The Ti-Cats pass defense are also no slouches, what with being 3rd in the league for yards allowed.

Edmonton has the better defense overall with a lower yards allowed and more sacks, but Hamilton has a vicious run stop defense and is scoring quite a bit on defense and making more turnovers. Edmonton's attack is a bit more balanced, but not as successful as the Ti-Cats. I feel that Edmonton has the advantage because they are at home, but this game would be too close to call on neutral ground.

I expect Edmonton by 3, but feel that if Hamilton wins it will be by a larger margin due to having more success at offense, so by 15.

If your score is correct, I predict Eskies will get the W

...I'm going with Hamilton, who IMO is a more complete team than the Eskimos right now...of the 5 Esks wins to date 3 are against less than .500 teams and their first two W's were back-to-back against a RedBlack team still finding their legs, all good wins (I'm not saying they weren't) but not against a tough opponent like Hamilton is right now...Hammy by 13...

Has Edmonton even decided who will start at quarterback for this game?
Or is Nichols actually injured, leaving the job to Franklin?

Either way, I see a Ti-cats victory here.

And 4 of Hamilton's 5 wins are against less than .500 teams including the winless Riders, 2 against Winnipeg and recently BC who are 1-3 in their last 4 including the loss to the Cats. Hamilton's only "tough" win was against the Argos in arguably their worst game of the season.

I think the 2 teams are a lot closer than people think. Edmonton won't put up a lot of points but neither will the Ti-Cats. This one will be settled by less than a TD and could come down to the traditional CFL ending of the last play FG.

...good point, I did not check Hamilton's wins to the same extent...

Odds are with Hamilton (-2.5) really looking forward to the game and I hope there is a big crowd in Commonwealth too.

And against those sub-.500 teams, the Ticats won by a combined score of 173-77 (EDIT For comparison's sake, Edmonton's three wins over sub-.500 teams have come by a combined score of 75-23). Their overall point differential is +107. They have scored more points than anyone else by a large margin and are the only team to put up 50+ on an opponent this year, and they have done it twice. They have scored 11 times on defense and special teams and have given up just 13 touchdowns in total (12 on defense and one on offense). It's not just about who you bet, but how you bet them. These aren't squeakers like the Argos are pulling out (two- and seven-point wins over the Riders, seven-point win over Winnipeg, three-point win over BC); the Ticats are crushing teams right now. Whether they can translate that success from Tim Hortons Field to Commonwealth Stadium is to be seen.

I still think Edmonton is a great team and this will be a great game, but the manner in which the Ticats are mauling opponents right now is impressive. They probably won't hang 50, or even 40, on Edmonton, especially at Commonwealth, but no one is playing better than Hamilton right now and you have to make them the clear favourites heading into this game.

I was with you until you said "clear favourite". I don't think either is the clear favourite. I can make a very good case for both teams to win this game. The only thing that is clear is that this is the first game on the schedule so far to feature 2 teams that can legitimately claim to be the best in the league right now. That question won't be answered until 29 November, but Friday nights game will answer it for this week.

If you can make the case for Edmonton, I would love to see it.

I am not saying Edmonton can't or won't win, but that as we sit here today, the Ticats have to be considered the favourites going in. All Edmonton has in their favour is a great defense and home-field advantage. But Hamilton also has a great defense and a much better offense and the single most explosive player in the league and a defense that creates more turnovers and scores points.

Again, this is not meant to slight Edmonton at all. I think they have played fantastic and I would not be surprised at all if they won Friday's game, but the Ticats are playing better than everyone else right now. They are, RIGHT NOW, the best team in the league. Edmonton is probably the consensus No. 2 team, but they are still a few notches below the Ticats.

Blogskee Wee Wee:
"If you can make the case for Edmonton, I would love to see it."

It's tough make a strong case, and I don't have one.

Otherwise, I am not going to jinx my team that I have picked by putting forth the case here either. I am going to keep any case I make in the Edmonton thread.

I'd be surprised if this game does not end up being a close game though.

The level of intensity in play should be about the highest we have seen so far this season. It will feel like a playoff atmosphere.

Odd that Hammer fan has the same post in 2 CFL forum threads 62 minutes apart.

Yeah, I goofed. It happens, which might explain your choice of portrait. :wink:

Double Blue 8) or perhaps Double Green and White - thus include the New York Jets :cowboy:

This time of year being less than .500 doesn't mean much. Hamilton has dominated their opponents after a slow start.. It will be another big win by Hamilton with the Ticat defense dominating and scoring points again.

I would like a second opinion on that. Rider fans?

Benevides :rockin:

One thing I would add to this is the often forgotten Special teams, which also come out as pretty much even.

In a unlikely coincidence, Justin Medlock and Grant Shaw are both place kicking at 84.2% this year, although the stats slightly favor Medlock with his longest at 53 (and an off the crossbar miss at messed up is that) and having 10 extra points on Shaw.

That said, in punting, Shaw's 44 yard average is slightly longer then Medlock's or O'Neil's (44 to 43.7 and 42.9 respectively) balancing out the kicking a bit more.

So then we turn to the return game, and we have Kendal Lawrence, boasting a 3rd in league ST return yards of 745 vs 4th place Brandon Banks with 685. That said, there is little question that Banks has been running back far more kicks for touchdowns then Lawrence.

I'd say Special teams is pretty much neck and neck.

Well - the power rankings have this as a battle between #1 - Hamilton and #4 Edmonton (down from #3 last week)

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