Eskies vs Argos

Nearly forgot about it myself. Toronto's been getting screwed with these Monday games for a couple seasons now. :thdn:

Bruce S. with his concert tour is the reason. Rock on

That was an intense return. First he caught it on the one-hop, and then I saw his arm fly up. Visions of a fumble. :? :lol:

Sha na na; FG Edmonton...lead 3-0

O-line is playing well. [/sarcasm]

Near pick followed by a pick. Good job, D! :thup:

Big J.C. with the Ray

Thank goodness Jeff Johnson can't put his arms up very much let alone not turn his head too much either.

Boyd took on the whole D on that run. :lol:

I hope Jyles is just hamming it up to give Joseph time to warm-up. As much as I dislike Jyles, I don't want to finish the game with the old man.

Looks like a knee issue to me; not good

Jyles, Joseph, Boyd. We sent our cast offs to Edmonton so can someone tell me why Edmonton is better off with our rejects? :wink:

10-0 after one. Sounds good to me. :smiley:

Wtf - I need more game details, damnit! I'm stuck watching a stupid test pattern on TSN. Lovely...

With the Eskimo D being as good as it tends to be, they only really need field goals to win this game. If they're scoring TDs instead, I don't think Toronto has much of a chance.

Memo to Chris Jones: an undrafted rookie from the CIS isn't going to cut it at DE. #91 David Lee comes on and Edmonton marches the length of the field for a TD.

J.C. Sherritt steps up his talk; plunger style :stuck_out_tongue: Edmonton leads 10-0 [penalties is an issue for Toronto]

The hell...? :expressionless: If you've a laptop nearby, try firstrowsports (think that's the site).

Tridus, counting out Ray would be pretty silly. :wink:

Argos have zero chance. I'm already 3-0 this weekend and no way am I going 4-0 so the Eskies are winning this one. :wink: