Eskies vs Als

Yup, it would be so Grande to see Kevin Glenn get the job done along with the show stopping Montreal Defence.

Don't think that's going to happen . I think the Esks will come out firing on all cylinders. They won't want to come out flat when going into a 3 week break.

In cold and damp weather, the Als' special teams have the advantage, in particular Bede will be much more effective than Sean Whyte. If the Als can establish a running game with both Sutton and Rutley, and if Glenn is on, the Als might have a chance.

It is rare for me to say this but :


TSN has decided to show the Whitecaps - Timbers soccer game.

Watching this on my computer.

10-7 Edmonton ten minutes until half time.

It's on tsn2

I'm having a hard time saying this, but. .... GO ALS!!!!!

I've been taking a pass on watching the CFL this past couple of weeks, but thought I'd catch this one because of the playoff implications. I see the play is still pretty sloppy. Pity.

Not here in Calgary. It is only on TSN 3.

I only get 1 & 2. TSN 2 is showing Nascar.

Uggggg... You are missing a pretty good game.

14-13 Montreal at the half

When the Jays are on, Sportsnet has the game on Sportsnet East, Ontario and West. On TSN, we have to search for the CFL. No wonder our ratings are lower.

End of the 3rd Quarter, 22-19 Montreal leads and hope the injured Alouette player is OK

You mean that league where five teams have the same name, if you count the SC/FC as the same thing, whether before or after their city's name;p

Congrats to the Eskies in locking up 1st!! should be a good western final, (assuming my Stamps make it there) :lol:

40-22 Edmonton final - #1 in the West for the time being, so Go Stampeders Go :rockin:

And one of the movie channels is showing "Talladega Nights/Ricky Bobby"...the only way NASCAR could ever be entertaining.

Just get all 5 and then you don't have to waste your time whining on this forum about it. They have 5 channels, I don,t want to see the same program on all 5. That was TSN's reasoning behind creating 5 Channel's.

I did not miss a thing. I said I was watching on my computer.


I was not whining about anything. Just stating what took place.

BTW, subscribing to 5 of the same channel is extortion.

Is it just me, or did I see the best officiating of the year in this game? These guys actually kept their flags in their pockets for the most part, and the only "game changing" calls would have been the potential PI calls made by the DB's covering Derel Walker, except he made the catch every time anyways, and I wasn't able to analyze if they were good calls anyways because I always go to the home games...

It was a relatively well played game. Good way to close out the regular season for the Esks.