Eskies vs Alouettes

No reason at all to lose this game. The way we played on the road, we should be able to play even better at home. Even if AC is ready I would give A MAC another shot. He sure as heck deserves it. Im not to happy about the 4pm game though. Once the sun goes down it starts to get cold now. Our last game of the season is Novembre 7th at 4pm. Now that game is gonna be a cold one!!!!!!!!

Many people that I have spoken to is not thrilled either about the 4pm start time. I prefer the 1pm time slots from previous seasons. No sun to enjoy throughout the game. I guess this was arranged to appease the Pacific coast.

I'm with Marc Trestman on this one
No reason to EVER disrespect an opponent
These guys are professionals...and Ricky Ray is an Alouette killer from WAY back.

On the other hand, it couldn't hurt to start McPherson against a last place team.
The Eskimo defense hasn't exactly been tearing up the league:

Worst: average yards allowed/game rushing : 162.6
Worst: first downs allowed/season rushing: 80
Worst: yards allowed/season rushing: 1626
Second Worst: average yards allowed/game net: 409.8
Second Worst: average yards allowed/season net: 4098

On the other hand...despite not having many sacks...they are among league leaders against the pass.
Sounds like a job for Adrian McPherson

I always rated Rick Ray as par, or, above par With Calvillo. They were like passers but RR was much stronger, better running wide and, I have at least one recent memory of RR winning a game with his running. I was frankly amazed that RR did not make it with the NY Jets! Ever since the 1950's when the Esks beat a powerful Alouette team - Ectheverry, Tex Coulter, Alex Webster, Hal Patterson,etc- three years in a row 55 56 57, I have disliked the Esks. We were the better team in 54 but lost because of a fluke and, in recent Grey Cups they still beat us. Now when I see RR playing I do feel regret that he is not as succesful as he was. This year, I cannot decide if RR`s skills have diminished or, if the coach and the other players are the pits. It will be Montreal 100-1. I still enjoy it when we beat the ESKS!!

Those 70's rivalries still live on in my memory....Tom Wilkinson up to the Warren Moon days.
A rivalry not dictated by geographics, but by two powerhouse teams butting heads.

I still have a special place in my "hate" for the Eskimos.

Yeah but these Eskimos are the new Tigercats... and once they hire Tillman the whole aura of class and excellence will be gone foever. Just like their Oilers.

From my perspective I believe Tillman would be the best choice for GM of the Esks. I dont know about his misdeeds but, I do know of his great management skill in the CFL. I can remember, for example, the first year of the Renegades when their FG kicker went down. In a few days Tillman had reached into his bag of tricks and produced an exellent FG guy. He has made such a positive mark on the CFL that I was amazed when I read your last post. I really dont know what your reasons might be re your remarks. Some people do, with help, overcome their mistakes, errors of judgement, mental health issues etc. and mosty deserve a second chance in life.

Sorry, if they are not getting sacks but are among the league leaders defending against the pass, then it sounds like a job for Anthony Calvillo. If they were getting a lot of sacks, then yes McPherson. I know Senior that you are a rabid McPherson fan, but let's not get carried away.

La question de Tillman dépasse le football. C'est une question de société, dans son cas.

Si Tillman avait une bonne défense (défense médicale, en l'occurrence) à faire valoir, il l'aurait tentée pour éviter d'avoir un dossier criminel. Alors pourquoi n'a-t-il pas tenté de se défendre avec son histoire de médicaments? Probablement parce que la preuve en question n'était pas assez solide même pour semer un petit "doute raisonnable". Si Tillman n'avait pas été un personnage populaire, aurait-il eu droit à autant de clémence? Les autes agresseurs d'enfants n'ont pas cette chance, eux.

À mon avis, Tillman a peut-être droit à une deuxième chance, mais il devrait faire son temps au purgatoire avant de revenir au sommet. Et couvert de près, SVP... Sinon, quel serait le message qu'on enverrait à tous les Guy Cloutier et Eric Tillman de ce monde? Une petite balade à l'ombre et la vie continue paisiblement? Mauvais message à passer pour une société qui croit en ses valeurs.

How about this scenario? Assuming AC is A-OK (i.e. 100%), have him start and Adrian come in at the half.

Works for me.

Or. . . if AC isn't 100%, start McPherson and bring in AC in the second half, if needed.

OK here as long as Adrian plays a decent part of each game going forward- including playoffs.

i have said this in other posts, but I think it bears repeating. I am of the opinion that Adrian should either start or come in at the half of as many games as possible from here to the end of the season; ibid for next season if AC decides to stay on.

Of course, the coaching staff needs to decide who they will have under center (likely AC) to make another run at a GC, but Adrian must have the reps at pivot in meaningful games if he is ever to assume the starting role. The coaching staff must view Adrian as an investment in the future and prepare him accordingly.

I see this Edmonton game as a watershed moment for the Als in 2010. By every possible indicator, we should win this game handily, regardless of whether McPherson or Calvillo starts. We're at home playing a bottom-feeder, we have an embarrassing home loss to the Lions to avenge, Edmonton is in total disarray, and control of the division is still wide open. If we lose, it will confirm my feeling that the 2010 edition of the Montreal Alouettes is not a contender. Even if we squeak out a win, I won't be convinced that we have what it takes to get back to the big game, much less win it. A dominant victory, on the other hand, would be a positive sign that the boys are rediscovering their killer instinct.

For me every home game should be a win in football, I am hoping to see an insanely hard hitting Montreal team. let Ray and their receivers catch the short garbage outs and hit the daylights out of them. They are going to come out hard trying to save their jobs in front of their new boss an I hope our Als come out pounding the bejesus out of Ray and his receivers as well as special teams. Don't let them out of the starting blocks...

Hfx, I agree that smash-mouth football from the opening kickoff would be a great way to start. I find that our defense is at its best when the back seven punish opposing receivers early and often. Eventually, those receivers start to hear footsteps and nobody wants to make that catch over the middle in traffic for fear of getting erased by Cox, Boulay, etc. Because Burke doesn't disguise our coverages much and we play a lot of man, it's imperative for us to set the tone physically early in a game and force the other team into being tentative.

I mentioned the lack of sacks BECAUSE I wanted to be fair....not as a reason to start McPherson.
It might not have come off that way...

Still....a team that is weak against the run and tough against the pass seems like a good enough reason to start an (all time record holding Alouettes) running quarterback...that can spread the defense and open up some room for Cobourne.

The Alouettes struggled against the Eskimos at times last year. With Ricky Ray down and perhaps on his way out....and the Eskimos having a hard time...resembling Hamilton with an immobile quarterback and without Arkie Whitlock and therefore little or no running attack...starting Adrian and assuring that Anthony is 100% seems the prudent thing to do.

Ricky Ray is not on over the hill. He's just getting beat up real bad. The blind hit he took from Morgan last week was nasty, guys are breaking through the inside untouched and smashing him down like a rag doll and its affected his game and to make things worse his receivers are soft and dropping half of the passes he manages to get off.

I want to see something from Shea Emry in this game, Shea's been invisible for the most part this year and this is a game made to measure for him to get his season on track.

Agreed, I hope we see lots of blitzes, often and early.

Were I to be Burke, not only would I be sending Emry here and there, I'd also be calling for some blitzes involving Cox, Ferri, and for a change of pace sending Boulay (when he's spelling Proulx) in on a safety blitz. Don't think Edmonton's line can handle it as long as we disguise who's coming from where from play to play.

All things considered, great defense seems to come down to confidence...swagger.
A couple of dominant performances like the last one and the swagger-ometer goes through the roof.
You start hitting harder, running faster, punishing opponents for the sheer joy of it.

A few BAD games and you start questioning yourself, your teammates and looking for the weakest links.
No team is without them, of course...and we all have our favourite "dogs on defense"
But with a few wins under their belts, the Alouettes might just re-gel into a powerhouse defense again.

The only weakness statistically has been in the secondary. That's more than explained by biased officiating...and IMO an undeserved "first" place in pass interference yards/calls against. The defensive line has steadily improved after a shaky start....and we continue to boast a superb....and frequently underrated linebacker squad.

While I hate to underestimate any opponent, there's no doubt Edmonton is reeling...and playing them couldn't come at a better time. Whether we start Calvillo or McPherson I'd like to see the receivers step up a bit more...let's take advantage of a resurgent Avon Cobourne...and for God's sake....somebody find a way to get Leroy Vann in on the return game.