Under the lights - Stadium looks great......cheers for a super game.

Game starts on TSN2 because the Whitecaps game is running late on the main network.

Just got in, but it doesn't look like I've missed much. 3-1. Another fantastic offensive showing.

Our leading receiver fumbles the ball. Gonna be that kind of night, eh. :roll:

I love the CFL and the Ticats, but this game is painful to watch. 3-1. Yikes.

Sadly...This is normal now... Did I see a big bank of empty seats in the lower bowl?

I heard it was sold out. I know many fans have made their way to covered areas because of the rain.

It pissed down rain.. .relax, they were all up in the concourse


Bs roughing passer call leads to a major - 8-3 Edmonton

I thought the RTP was more of a bogus call

You sound like Travel Pat talkin about TFC.. Except its clear skies and 22 degrees when it happens at BMO :cowboy:

Gotta love that Edmonton D. :smiley:

reread my post :cowboy:

Penalties and turnovers and not offensive drives ,and special teams plays deciding a CFL game in 2014... I'm shocked

The game is completely sold out. I gave up my tickets to a friend who had a relative in from out of town who wanted to go to the game and they could not get any tickets.

Looks like they have about a 90 minute window with no rain now. Hopefully the wind will let up too.

The Cats offence is really hurt without Gable who I suspect was a huge part of the game plan tonight.

And geez Louise Zach has to protect the ball better than that! Two TD's in 20 seconds certainly takes care of it being a hockey game sounding score. Sigh!

Good for you, buddy. I just wish they were seeing a better game.

At least there was a little burst of offence just before the half. (for the Eskimos anyways)

Eskies and Cats always play close.

I expect Hamilton to run shotgun…woot, woot

Perfect, since we continuously shoot ourselves in the foot!