Eskies Stubler Moves On

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Didn't think this would happen. Perhaps Rich see's/senses something we don't?

Wonder where he is going ?

Hands full yet ? :wink: Changes on both side of the ball.

With Tim Burke in Hamilton or perhaps in Winnipeg?

Your hands full?, you could have edited your above post HfxTC :lol: ; perhaps the Lions?, he spends the off season in Washington USA. Yea, hands are full now as I wonder who Reed brings in to fill the void?

.....Let's see...If all the rumours come to pass..Benevides musing that he;ll do both jobs , hc and dc for the leos (Stubler was rumoured to be going there)AND the rumoured signing of Burke as head-coach in the hammer...i'll specualte ...Stubler will be the the new dc in Wpg...You can bet Mack will be on the phone, with talk of a possible asst. head coach/DC position being the topic of conversation, once the status of Burke is known :wink:

orrrrrrrrr Stubler had a call from Obie in the hammer, to come in for an interview for the head-coaching job :lol: (thought i'd just throw that one in before Leftko jumps on it :lol: )

.....put all suppostions and speculation in my previous post on hold....Arash Madani says Stubler will be the new dc in B.C....That was quick orrrrrrrrr could this just be another rumour :lol:

TSN has learned Stubler B.C. bound.

Yessir, it’s official. The rich get richer. Or at least Rich Stubler.

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I thought pure lateral transfers weren't allowed. . . and BC didn't give him the window dressing of "assistant head coach" title.

Otherwise. . .

I thought Benavides did a good job with the BC defence last season. . . he junked the 3/4 defence and went to a 4/3 and BC's defensive performance shone after that switch. It allowed Elimimian to be the pure MLB he's so very good at and it allowed that fearsome front four to play, well, fearsome, and it allowed Korey Banks to be moved back where he belongs, at DHB (I always thought he was a bit of a fish out of water at OLB).

Stubler has always, wherever he's been, run a 3/4 defence. So I"d be a tad concerned about this move. Not sure you want to bench one of the 4 D linemen, also not sure BC has the personnel to effectively field 4 LBs (and sure wouldn't want Banks moved back to OLB again).

Rich Stubler; I think perhaps he only signed a one year deal (chose not to sign a new deal) in Edmonton for the DC job..?
I could be wrong however.

Stubler did not have a contract for next season with Edmonton, hence he could go anywhere for any position.

Well that explains that, thanks gang.

Now. . . I wonder why he would have left his post in BC to sign just a one year contract in Edmonton?

Or it's as simple as he wants to be on a team who has a chance of winning the Grey Cup? Or a very good chance I should say!

With the turnaround of Tillman being GM in Edmonton it what an excellent time for Stubler to be DC in 2011 for the Esks. The B.C. Lions finished 8-10 in 2010 and at that time no one knew what the 2011 out come would be for any team. At this point Grims I would say it's a great move for Stubler to enter the Den in B.C. with the D core of players that are there and/or the direction they want to take. On the other hand; could perhaps be a concern, something is going on in Edmonton and Rich Stubler has picked up on it. I wonder....ect.

i think stubler senses a sinking ship in edmonton and is jumping off before its too late.
he knows losing ricky ray and gaining steven jyles is a recipe for disaster and doesn't want to be associated with it.

Looks like he wants to be a winner once again..
But in all seriousness, this loss hurts the eskies great deal. He was as instrumental as anybody in their turnaround season. That is a very young defence, and it won't be easy to replace him.

Stubler is a former BC defensive coordinator in 2000 when BC won the grey cup. Uncertain why Stubler prefers to leave Edmonton for the same job in BC. Stubler is a key person in Edmonton's big improvement in 2011. Losing Ray and Stubler won't improve Edmonton.

From what I read, it sounds like it wasn't the Esks' preference to see him go, but rather Stubler's decision to not sign a new contract. (This suggests that a contract was offered.)

I've been in Edmonton in November. Can't say I blame Stubler for bolting to BC based on weather alone. Plus, he's worked in BC before, so maybe he has good friends/family connections in Vancouver, or maybe he just likes it there. All professional aspects being equal, personal factors could certainly come into play, just like they would for any of us when choosing to take a job with one company over another.

Similar situation to Jones going to Toronto. Guys who want to work with buddies. That's why it is a good thing to clarify your coaching staff as early as possible.