Well, first half is over, and the Esks are not looking good. 3 interceptions by Ray? What's up with that?

Stamps have capitalized on some, but not all of the Eskimo mistakes. Edmonton is lucky they're not playing the Leos...if they were, the Leos would have run them out already with the mistakes Ray and others have made.

I hate say it but I agree. The lions would have made us look like Ottawa tonight.
There goes first place

…ok lets just shut up about the leos, we don’t play them anymore this year…but we do play EE one more time, last game of the regular season…so tell me punk, do you feel lucky?..

RedandWhite Status: Online! Posted: Sep 10, 2005 - 12:10 AM

.....ok lets just shut up about the leos, we don't play them anymore this year.....but we do play EE one more time, last game of the regular tell me punk, do you feel lucky?........

Still trying to figure out you mean. Edmoton is still 4 points ahead. I am not saying that second is clinched, but it really should be by the last week. Unless we keep playing like tonight
Budha guys have second locked, we're in third..........unless miracle things happen in the next seven weeks.......

Red, check out Edmontons sched. Looks like a possibility

I have Edmonton Getting 6 more points & Calgary getting 10 more. Calgary is going to need to win the final game against Ed. We have already done the tough part of our sched. Ed is just starting.

That is a very strong possiblity but we have to remember win one game at a time. But if injuries step in this can change.

The STamps have not won two games in a row all season, and they will have to start if they are going to catch Edmonton. If the ESKS keep playing like last night though, you will only have to 3 or 4 more any way.

i hate the stampeters