Eskies/Stamps rubber match

Picked off, touchdown Stamps!

Redemption game by the Stumps D, Ricky Ray was brought down to earth... I think the call was correct on the short kickoff, was hard to tell whether Copeland touched the ball and the original call Calgary ball, stands.

My observations on the game(I missed the first quarter, I saw only the final play where Bertrand got the first down)

  1. The green Eskimo helmet looked sharp with the green unis, much better than with the white ones.
  2. This had to be one of the best games of the year. Back and forth, until Calgary pulled away in the final few minutes, but the Eskimos were a onside kick away from the finish far more interesting.
  3. After watching the sideline interview with Dave Dickenson, it should be more clear that he should retire. Apparently, he did not suffer a concussion in the last game, just the effects from the previous one! If he still has those symptoms, time to go into coaching, Dave.

Looks like I missed a barn burner.

Good job Stamps!

Really hard to tell who touched the onside kick. I could have gone either way.
The West has some really great teams right now!

Great exciting game.

We woulda been blown-out like the Ticats are right now, if Calgary’s recievers had been as reliable as BC’s are today.