Eskies @ Stampeders

Lets go Stamps!!!!

I guess I have to second for my Lions.

Yes your Leo's could use a helping hand :smiley:

I'd like to see another big win! :slight_smile: for the Stamps, of course.

My Cleo Lemon blow up doll got deflated in Hamilton. :frowning:

Nice Non-Call there against Davis for the obvious late push on the Stampeder there.. :roll:

Whitlock, no can do


Mo Lloyd got Burris

Defensive battle so far. Although the Stamps are usually slow starters.

I can't remember the last time I cheered for Calgary, but.... go Calgary. I feel dirty...

Feels good cheering for the Stamps doesn't it :smiley: ,

Resistance is futile :cowboy:

I usually do cheer for the Stamps (unless they are playing the Riders) but in this case, an Eskimos win hurts the Lions more.

It pains me to no end, believe me. As much as I want to cheer for the Stamps today, I just can't.

Go Esks. Now I feel dirty.

Chardonnay? Really, Henry?

If it cant be whiskey, at least make it a beer!!!

Whitlock with a bad handoff by Ray, fumble.... first down Stampeders in Eskimo territory

12-2 Stamps, I say Edmonton is in deep doo doo

still lots of football to play

The ref's need to sit down with coaches and players and CLARIFY what Roughing the passer is ? The one in this game and the 2nd one in yesterdays sk wpg game were not even close to penalties ! May as well put flags on the QB'S !

Not good for the Whitlock injury

Whitlock would be a huge loss. Hope he can come back.

So far the big difference seems to be the Cgy receivers are catching the ball and the Esks are dropping it