Eskies Sign Omar Morgan

wow we r screwed for DB signings now, who else is availble thats good? i think every1 else has signed on sumwhere else.

not really... theres a whole US market to pick from, why do we need CFL experienced DBs? This is the EASIEST position for an american to pick up as coverage is coverage!

also, the draft could yeild a canadian NCAA DB that we could potentially start... (i hear there's one available)

ive only heard of a canadian saftey thats woerth a look in the ncaa

Dam Are they going to talk all the Good DB's

In my opinion Davin Bush might be the best free agent DB left with CFL experience...i have not seen a couple of the other guys play so im not sure how they fair to Bush...but Espo is is not that big of deal to lose out on samuels and morgan because there are a lot of quality players down south that can play easily...and could possibly be a couple players in the draft to take...what i want to know is how much edmonton paid for each DB?

Morgan gets a 4 year +1 contract and samuels gets a 2 year +1 contract, the price wasn't stated though

I bet you 2-1
There going to go over The Cap and pay the Price Later.
Edmonton has Always Push the Price of Salaries up
God I Hate Edmonton almost as Much Toronto.. :twisted:

this might just come back to bite them in the butt if they are large salaries...a 4 year contract for morgan so it must be a significant salary and the same goes with samuels...the article on says "Nobody thought a corner besides (B.C. Lions cover man) Korey Banks would get a contract like that," Morgan said Saturday. "I got a nice raise too."

heres the link

The price for Morgan is insane...starting at $140k a year and more than $150k in year 5. However, its also important to remember that CFL contracts are not guaranteed. Look at Montford, they gave him a big raise and then cut him. Time will tell but I can't fault Marcel for staying clear at this price point. Sooner or later we're going to have to learn to recruit and develop our own players.

got a link for this info? if thats true then all i can say is WOW! thats insane for a DB in this league...and probably a good thing the cats didnt offer as much as that...I dont want to sound cheap and don't want the ticats to be cheap in going after free agents, but that is a heck of a lot of money for 1 player

Its the lead story on this site on the main page. $725k iver 5 years...

eskies are way over the cap, salary cap needs to be enforced, they need tom wright back to slap the eskies on the wrist and take away draft picks.

I have to admit...I'm curious as to how the salary cap is going to be enforced. Who does the auditing? When do they audit the teams? Is there a financial team from CFL head office to pour through the teams books?

Teams exceeding the cap will be penalized one dollar for every dollar over the cap up to $100,000. The ratio is 2:1 if it’s exceeded between $101,000 and $300,000, while it increases to 3:1 for $301,000 and above. Teams also can be forced to relinquish up to two Canadian draft choices depending on the amount of their transgression.

Trevor Hardy, a chartered accountant who specializes in investigative and forensic accounting, is auditing each team, identifying potential problems before the season begins. While he has been given the authority to examine each team’s books three times during the season, Hardy said owners with other holdings might pay the players through their parent companies, negating his power significantly.

I think Edmonton or Toronto would Glad Pay the Fine.
If it wins them a Grey Cup...

How much $$$ does a team get for winning a Cup?

Stop complaining about the cap, teams don't have to be under the cap until the season starts. With the recent signings of Morgan, and Samuels for the Esks, expect Donny Brady, Reggie Durden, Shannon Garret, and Malcolm Frank(retired) to be released during training camp, making salary room. The Esks will be releasing a lot of vets during training camp this year, including probably Hervey or Mitchel who may end up on the ticats.