Eskies sign Antonio Warren...what about Troy Davis?

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The Edmonton Eskimos are changing patterns in their offensive backfield.

The CFL club has agreed to terms with former B.C. Lions tailback Antonio Warren in a deal that's expected to be formally announced in the coming days.

"Antonio is really happy to be back," his agent Mark Maren said Wednesday night from Toronto. "He's a really quiet guy. He doesn't say too much, but he was really disappointed with the way things went in B.C. I think he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder."

That chip formed when the Lions cut Warren, now 31, in the summer. His release came after missing a block that allowed Saskatchewan linebacker Jackie Mitchell to wallop quarterback Dave Dickenson from behind. The hit made the highlight reels and Warren was out of a job. Rookie sensation Joe Smith took over at tailback, and the Lions went on to win the Grey Cup.

"Antonio is looking forward to coming, and he's 100-per-cent healthy," Maren said. "There were 13 games he missed getting hit on every play, so he's in great shape and ready to go."

The Warren signing casts doubt on the future of Edmonton tailback Troy Davis, who rushed for more than 1,000 yards last season behind a young offensive line. Davis is also 31 and could be among a list of big-name veterans to be cut in the coming months.

The five-foot-10, 205-pound Warren is more of a scatback, a speedy guy, and he's got great hands as a receiver. His best season came in 2004 when he carried the ball 219 times for 1,136 yards in 15 games. He also rushed for 160 yards in the 2004 Grey Cup loss to Toronto.

The Eskimos also plan to invite Ronald (Goldie) McClendon back for another audition at training camp. McClendon spent most of the season on the bench as a healthy scratch, but he rushed for 198 yards in the final road game of 2006.

Short yardage -- Montreal assistant coach Marcel Bellefeuille was in Edmonton on Wednesday to interview for a job as offensive co-ordinator. Steve Buratto is Edmonton's top choice for the job, but he has an offer from Montreal.

Buratto has, however, said that he'd rather stay in Western Canada.

if edmonton cuts Troy Davis, the Argos would be smart to pick him up and dump the often-injured Avery

Once again we have a big ticket player perhaps coming available and the speculation of him coming to Toronto begins. I have to ask those who figure every player in the league is Toronto bound.

How do they fit into the "cap"?

Is there in fact a "cap"?

Where is the money coming for all these players?

How are the Argoes going to hide the players they've already got?

hmmm...i said CUT avery ( he cost more then davis ), and sign davis ( this would save the argos money )...are u too stupid to understand that?

hmmm...i said CUT avery ( he cost more then davis ), and sign davis ( this would save the argos money )...are u too stupid to understand that?
First do you know for a fact the Argos can "cut" Avery, do they have an out clause in his contract?

Yes, I do understand that, are you too dense to read? I will type slowly for your benefit. Every time a player comes available, someone posts suggesting that Toronto being the centre of the Universe is his desired destination. Since Grey Cup we have had: Casey Printers, Marc Boerighter, Barrin Simpson, Ben Cahoon, etc., etc., etc., now Troy Davis all going to Toronto and they still have all the players like Avery who were signed to free agent contracts and didn't sign cheep and likely have a guaranteed contract.

I simply asked if all these players are going to Toronto, where and how do they pay for them all.

look, jackass...your questions were answered B4 u even there was no need to get smart.

as for toronto always being named as a players destination....alot of cities are mentioned when a player becomes available...winnipeg, toronto, calgary...etc....just go to the ticat site, and the fans there speculate EVERY player is comming to hamilton ( they are saying printers is on the way to hamilton too )

as for printers in toronto...toronto hasnt signed damon, so theres $300K saved right there, PLUS the savings of not resigning Ricky Williams, thats $150K, and they are said to be releasing Stokes and R J Soward, so thats another $250K savings:$700K...i think they can afford printers IF they REALLY wanted him.

Wow, first I'm stupid, now I'm a jackass. I seem to be moving up in the world. It would seem someone can't accept that not everyone in Canada buys the Toronto is the Centre of the Universe belief. I for one am still bitter about having to bail out Toronto one year then having them go into debt again to sign Avery the very next year. Do you not think that there is something wrong with a privately owned team getting a hand-out from the league then raiding the players of the very teams that had to fork over to bail them out because of their previous over spending?

I realize that you aren't the person or persons who post every time but it gets a bit tiresome to always have the bound for TO theory and yes other teams fans get on the available player bandwagon on occasion, it's just that someone pushing the TO destination seems pop up with every single player and not everyone offers suggestions to release other players(as you admittedly have done)

Now we have people posting that Toronto only Toronto should hold the Vanier Cup, all available stars should be heading for Toronto, the NFL wants Toronto, the refs discriminate against Toronto, the league discriminates against Toronto. Heck even Belinda Stronach wants Toronto.

How many Torontonians does it take to change a light bulb? Just one he simply holds it up and lets the universe revolve around him.

this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

neither does this.

the only reason i mention davis going to toronto, is its no secret they'd like to upgrade thier running game ( isnt that why they got williams in the first place? )....who else needs to improve thier running game more then toronto?

i dunnno about this signing.

unless the eskies got warren at a steal of a deal price, i dunno why'd they'd get rid of davis for warren?

it could be pure cap related drummer

I’m surprised that they would sign Warren…IMO, Davis is better than Warren…and what happens if he misses a key block again and RR gets knocked out of a game or games?

which is why i said, UNLESS it was at a steal of a deal price.

Warren is basically past his prime. If DG's angle is correct and its all salary related, that would be the only reason that makes sense.

...i think Warren has lots of game left....he didn't like Wally did nothing for the leos....Edmunchuck aren't satisfied... and it's quite apparent....that Davis isn't the answer to their running game...soooo.....the revival of one running backs career begins....and another one moves on.....Who says Danny the dancer dosen't know what he's doing??????????? :lol: :lol:

Or perhaps they are looking for insurance come next years training camp.

With Davis, Warren, and McClendon all competing for the import RB spot on the roster next year, the esks running game looks like it will shine. With the o-line finally appearing to come together the last few weeks of the season(two 200 yard rushing games, by both Davis and McClendon), this will only help their running situation. The Eskimos have a history of taking long shots at veterans and other team's rejects(Mookie Mitchel, Khari Jones, Michael Jenkins), don't be surprised if Warren is cut.

Decent runningbacks are a dime a dozen in this league, it would obviously come to no surprise if the Esks released either Warren or Davis after TC next year. In fact, with the way Goldie played during his two games last season, I wouldn't even care if both Warren and Davis were released. Even a rotating backfield with Goldie, Bradley, and Winkel, would save a lot of money and help develop these youngsters.

The other possibility, which is much more likely, is that Warren has been signed as a punt returner or slotback. With Tony Tompkins contract ending this season, and word of him trying to make the NFL, Warren could have been signed as a replacement PR/KR. The possible demise of Ed Hervey, or Mookie Mitchell, would also yield the need for an import slotback. Warren has proven that he is extremely good with his hands, and catching the ball.

Davis wasn't the answer? He rushed for over 1000 yards this season(4th in the league) with an average of 5.6 yards per carry, while missing two games. He even had a game of over 200 yards at the end of the season. He did everything the Eskimos asked him to, running, catching, and blocking.

The only reason he would be replaced is purely from a salary related reason.

salary and the fact the esks. finished in the unenviable position of being out of the play-offs...even with all those yds. Mr. Davis churned out....could have a bearing on this situation... :wink:

A Warren was sent packing because he could not find the holes and when he did find the holes he would not run hard through them. Warren would run off at the mouth saying that he was not getting the ball enough when he did get the ball he did nothing with
it Lions where a
way better team without him then with him.Edmonton needs to keep Davis and send Warren to Toronto :lol: Edmonton would be way better off without him as the Lion are.