Eskies Should Sign Porter!!

With Quinton Porter released by the Als and he was released under his own accord he wants to play and be a starter, the Eskies should sign him and give him a chance to perform, he's a big quarterback who can run well and scramble with a good arm. That was Montreal's mistake in letting Porter go especially if AC gets injured and they have nothing ut this could also be a great opportunity for the Eskies to sign Porter and give him the playing time he wants!!!


No way! The Esks want to discover a future franchise QB in their twenties who can be with the team for a decade(like Reilly, Nichols, or Crompton). Not a career 5 + year 3rd stringer/backup who is over 30. The team will be patient in doing so and realizes that their will be ups and downs in this process.

Seems like we go through this every season. A rookie/new QB has a bad game, and people start yelling, "(Insert team) should sign Michael Bishop/Quinton Porter/Kerry Joseph." Unfortunately, we already have Joseph, so no to Porter!