Eskies release Jordan Younger

as posted on, the Eskies released Jordan Younger.

why did the esks release him, and ...
who picks him up?

any chance he reunites with Byron Parker in the Double Blue?

Hmm, curious... Didn't a few Eskimos fans on here complain about Younger? I'm guessing he won't be missed.

The Eskimos secondary is a weird thing. Younger was an all-star coming in....gets the boot after one season. Same thing happened with Omarr Morgan - last year proved he wasn't all that bad....

Wouldn't be the DC, would it? Nah ...

I believe Younger got a bit of a raw deal. When he was in Toronto, he became part of a secondary that was the best or one of the best secondaries in the league, and that wasnt the case in Edmonton. The Argo secondary he was a part of played as a group, they knew each other tendencies having played together for a few years. He was expected to do more than what he was capable of with the Esks, and did not have a great year. Maybe he will do better if he goes back to the Argos... hard to say.

Add Samuals to that list as well.

In fairness, he did look like he has lost more then a step this year.

Is it a salary cap move? Do they have someone a little younger (no pun intended) and cheaper in the wings?

I hope the next news is that comes outta eskie land is that they've locked up Rick Campbell long term :slight_smile:

A surprise Younger was released..was not that long ago he & Byron Parker were arguably the best cornerback tandem in the league. Hope his CFL days are not over. He owned Ricky Ray on the quick out patterns....

well, it looks like Younger is back in the Double Blue, as i speculated.