eskies RB

Who will start at RB

i think that mike bradley will start. but i seen good things out of mclendon and joseph on friday night so i think its still up fro grabs. in my opion we should trade ray to winipeg for charles roberts and someone else but hey what do i know. i’m and eskies fan that wonders why we have 4 rly good QBs taking up half the “salary cap”

I disagree. I don’t think Bradley will start, although he will make the team. He will get a few carries a game perhaps and play a pivotal role on special teams. I really they will keep two of the imports. McClendon adds a different dimension and reminded me a little of “Pinball” Clemons when I watched him. I think the battle is between White and Joseph, just mu opinion.


They’ll use Bradley a lot on special teams - he is a great kickoff returner.

I think Elvis Joseph will get the spot just because he’s got speed and is big and strong - he’s the most “Pringle-like”.

But hey, I could very well be wrong…

EDIT - Reggie White has been released.