Eskies Offensive Line?????

Does anyone share my belief that the offensive line is at the root of Eskies lack of running game? They just can't seem to open any holes at all. Also their pass blocking seems to have gotten worse as the year goes on. I know it is easier for opposing defences to just pin their ears back and go for it when they know the running game is non-existent but Ray doesn't have time to hardly setup. Are they looking at bringing in anybody in this area? I live in Calgary and we don't get any Eskie news down here.

the esks o-line is doing a fine job, there lack of a running game is due to a lack of a quailty running back, who would you use at the esks number one? Ray has plenty of time to set up and find his receivers and he doesnt get sacked very often, im trying to see where the esks rank in sacks allowed but i cant find it, im sure it isnt too high tho, ray leads in most of the passing catagories, so the o-line may not be great but it's getting the job done, the most serious problem is the kicking game, flemming sucks.

Hey Stamp fans know about a team that only passes and no running game. Last year was terrible because of it unti JR showed up. The oline for the eskies is good but defenses are not having to watch for the run.

Ithink the OL has gotten better as the year has gone on.Toronto was thrie best game. Ijust think one change needs to be made Morrris out annunziata in. Sandy has been our best lineman when he has been in but for some reason they keep taking him out. I would start him at center move lefstrud to guard and put kabongo back to tackle. Patrick is doing well. Ithink the problem with the run is it isn't called enough. I'm not sure is the backs are the problem because they haven't gotten the ball enough. The line would do better if run was called more.

It's difficult to tell if we have a good running game or not when Elvis Joseph only got 5 handoffs all game against Toronto, and about the same against BC.

Maybe we'd have a few 100-yard rushing games by now if our running back got to carry the ball a dozen times or so?

On the bright side, when the Esks finally decide to come out with a big ground attack, they will catch the opposing defense waaayyy off guard. It's not like the opposition has a lot of game film of the Esks offense running the ball to scout them.