Eskies new O-line coach...or NOT?

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It has been anything but a quiet and straightforward start to 2006 for the Edmonton Eskimos.

According to published reports, one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the CFL could soon be joining the Esks.

However, the club's current O-line coach doesn't appear to be leaving.

"I can assure you that I have a contract," Bill Macdermott told the Sun yesterday. ''And, to the best of my knowledge, I will be coaching the O-line this year."

One newspaper report indicates Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia has approached Saskatchewan Roughrider assistant Carl Brennan about coming to the Esks. The two coaches are apparently good friends.

Another media outlet is stating it appears Brennan will join Edmonton's staff with an official announcement possibly this month.

Maciocia was unavailable for comment yesterday.

In his only year with the Riders, Brennan handled the CFL's top O-line.

Not only did Saskatchewan lead the league in rushing, but it also gave up the fewest sacks.

The Eskimos offensive line was under intense scrutiny for most of 2005.

The club had the league's worst rushing total and gave up 16 more sacks than the Riders.

However, once running back Troy Davis and offensive lineman Dan Comiskey arrived in October, the criticism disappeared, as the running game and pass protection greatly improved.

The rumour mill reports about Brennan come a few days after the Sun revealed Tony Tompkins is not eligible to jump to the NFL due to a contract misunderstanding with the Eskimos

I was under the impression that Carl Brennan has one more year left in his in Riderville

i posted an article yesterday, that said the riders were gonna fire him, and he would go to the this says the eskies current OC isnt going anywhere.

why would the riders fire a coach that had the best o line and the best running game in the league?

.....part of shivers plan to completely tank the riders while in the last year of his contract, ensuring that whichever club he ends up working with in 2007 will have at least a few guarenteed wins.....

.....why would that not even remotely surprise me.....

.....from the mouth of Barrett, as reported in the newsroom of

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Danny Barrett has plunged into his post-holiday routine a little quicker than he expected, mainly because the CFL team needs two assistants.

"I'm looking for two coaches; I had to do this in 2001,'' Barrett said Friday after revealing that offensive line coach Carl Brennan has joined the Grey Cup-champion Edmonton Eskimos as a running backs coach, one week after Roughriders offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille joined the Montreal Alouettes.

.....dunno if that's good or bad.....I've heard talk of this elsewhere, but what about having a guy like Childress as a player/coach.....he's got 12 or 13 years in the CFL, if I recall correctly, and he's getting up there in age as far as O-linemen go.....

childress would be a ecellent o line coach.he has the experiance.
how could the eskies sign brennen?i thought he was under contract for one more year.

........the only slight against The Big Chill is it is freaking HARD to understand the guy, ever heard him talk?.......worse than Sutter........not a big deal though, he certainly has the past experience, talent and leadership skills........

.....on the upside, using Chill as a player/coach would save the organization a few bucks, which could then be used to lure a freaking quarterback.....

........or a freaky quarterback.........

.....seems several players around Riderville are a little freaky.....