Eskies Lose Rashad Jeanty to the NFL's Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have signed free agent linebacker Rashad Jeanty from the Canadian Football League.

The Bengals say the six-foot-three, 230-pounder from the University of Central Florida signed a two-year contract. He played the last three seasons for the Edmonton Eskimos.

The Bengals say that since he has not previously signed an N-F-L contract, Jeanty is designated as a rookie for the 2006 season.

Wasn't there a story recently how he was almost certain to return to the Esks since there was little or no interest in the NFL. I guess not.

....there was an article on Gavin Walls re interest in the nfl....don't remember one on Jeanty...tough loss for the Esks...hope the same thing dosen't happen with Gavin...but people move on....some even return in Sept..... :wink:

Somewhat of a loss for the Esks, but luckily the d-line is our best position in depth.

That sucks man but it's sort of a catch-22 here. As a CFL fan you want all the players to give it the best they can and succeed, but when they actually go out and do this they get snapped up. Hope he'll be back.

a huge blow to the chumps........

As a new fan to the league, I have to ask, is this the norm? Losing quality players to the NFL every offseason? If the NFL is going to use the CFL as some sort of farm system, shouldn't they start contributing some money to the league?

they did contribute money....years ago, when the CFL almost folded.
and they have some kinda agreement which expires after the '07 season.

Not a terrible loss. The esks should have very little trouble replacing him seeing as they still got Joe Montford at the other end and he will very often draw a double team

pigseye you hope it hurts the chumps because thats the only way that Nealon and the girls might have a chance makign ti to the playoffs..hmm didnt we win the cup without jeanty in the playoffs..oh yah we did

Piggy's not a Rider fan, RnR.....

oh my fault your a blue bombers…thats even worse then a rider

excuse me?'re excused....... of your students is playing hooky again! :wink:

s'ok, I already kicked him out of the BB forum.


While it's true that Jeanty benefited from Joe Montford, so will Jeanty's successor whoever that is. Probably Charles Alston. The tough part about losing Jeanty is that he is only 22 and is only going to get better. I'm not so sure that he can play that position in the NFL, but we'll see.


trouble for the chumps.......maas, who was rays backbone, jeanty their best dline man and soon to be tucker their best receiver......hahaha

Hopefully Edmonton will falter this year. Making the Grey Cup three out of the last four years would probably get annoying to other western fans, (Just like Montreal in the east) Need a shake up.

jsut wait till the seasons tarts pigs..we will see how good the bums are with kevin glenn as a QB..he would be 3rd string on our team. and stokes as a receiver ha ha ha ha ha