eskies like marshall

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They're welcome too him. They'll learn the same hard lesson Bob Young did.

Greg will recived CFL job offers, perhaps at an assistant level first. He is a good dedicated football man. The time was right for change here but we should all wish him the best in the future. He may not have achieved the necessary results, but it was not for lack of time, knowledge, dedication or heart. He gave 100% and should be remembered for that. :thup:

greg wont got to any other cfl team, he said it himself, the only reason he took the job here in hamilton was because it was close to home.. he doesnt want to move his family elsewhere

Yes I agree, we should all wish him the best of luck....while he was coaching Hamilton and the Maurauders I knew him on a personal level and he is a great guy and has good intentions....and u cannot lay all the blame on him for our season going the way it was....they even said that in the Hamilton Spec a few weeks ago wen he was fired. I wish Greg the best of luck in the CFL and his other aspirations in football.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Greg Marshall surface with the Argos down the road as their RB coach next year...of course if the Western Ontario job was available he would probably take it. But Haylor doesn't sound like he's ready to step down.

I heard from a pretty good source that Marshall was offered a job at U of Guelph so he could be closer to home. The last thing he would get offered is a job in the CFL, he is not ready , he is a university coach!!