Eskies happy with Schedule

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The Edmonton Eskimos didn't receive everything on their wish list, but they are still pleased with the CFL schedule.

The Green and Gold had requested to open the 2006 season against former teammate Jason Maas and the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

However, the CFL schedule maker will make fans wait until Week 4, as Edmonton will open the regular season on the road in Montreal on June 16.

"Tradition dictates a Grey Cup rematch to open the season and there is tremendous marketing sense in doing that," said Eskimo marketing director Dave Jamieson.

Almost the entire nine-game home schedule makes marketing sense, which explains why the club is happy.

"We've got five Friday night home games and three Saturday games," continued Jamieson, "and our fans have told us they like Friday and Saturday night games."

After opening on the road, the Esks return home to battle the new look Ottawa Renegades on June 24. The club heads to Vancouver the following week before returning to face Maas and the Tabbies on July 7.

As usual, the middle of the schedule is highlighted by back-to-back tilts against Calgary, with the Esks in Cowtown on Labour Day before hosting the rematch four days later.

For the second straight year, the club will travel to Toronto for a Thanksgiving Day matinee, which might be the start of a challenging run to the wire, as Edmonton will complete the regular-season schedule by tackling the Alouettes, Lions and Stampeders.

The playoffs start Nov. 5 with the Grey Cup in Winnipeg on Nov. 19.

EXTRA POINT: This year's Canadian Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Hamilton - which will include Henry "Gizmo" Williams and Matt Dunigan - could fall on the same weekend the Edmonton Eskimos visit Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Executives with the Hall of Fame hope to make a decision next week, but they already know the festivities will occur on the third weekend in September when the Esks visit or on the final weekend of that month when the Tabbies host Ottawa.

"My preference would be the weekend when Edmonton plays," said Janice Smith, the Hall's managing director.

Can the Esks average over 50,000, which would be I believe 7,000 more then last year. Coming of last year and having all the stars resigned, one would thing there is a good chance. Especially since the battle of Alberta will heat up and should be better with the Stamps improving. Also, it appears unlikely the Oilers will make the playoffs, making it a potentially long year until the CFL starts in the City Of Champions.

they still have not signed tucker.the oilers have a good team just need some goltending.they still have lots of time to get a quality goaltender.
toronto and montreal could be in a habs fan i must say
congrats to the boys for beating tor.

the oilers or canuks shoulda signed CUJO when he was available…why did those teams pass on him…his askin price was dirt cheep, cuz he just wanted to start somwhere…vancouver passed on him, then gave back-up-dan more money…why why why?

The Oilers just traded for two additional D, meaning they have a stockpile. Everyone is expecting a trade for a much needed goalie. Without same, they will not make a run for the playoffs. As for the Habs and Leafs, both have been going south and I suspect neither will make the playoffs. Good on the Leafs whose ownership/ management only cares about mega profit every year. Until they get a one owner like Melnyk in Ottawa, the team will never win the Cup.

tor and mon have some good veterans that will step it up so i say both will make the playoffs but i dont know how far either team will go.

Most of the veterans on the Leafs are too old and done. Domi, Balfour and Sundin are definitely washed up. They have a brutal defense. As for the Habs, they have no offense and on top of this it looks like Theodore may be all washed up at his young age.
Sens will win the Cup.

i agree that the sens will win or two trades could change both teams.isnt sundin on the trade block? theadore is in a rut he will pull out of it soon.

dont blame belfour...great goalie on a crappy team....he cant be blamed for breakaways, oddman rushes, defence scoring on thier own net, constantly shorthanded.....dont blame the goalie for the teams mistakes.

Sundin has a no trade contract and has said he does not want out? Being 35 and on the down side of his career, now would be the time to trade him and get what little value he has left. Not much though.
Even in the win yesterday,Theodore looked like he was fighting the puck and really looked bad on the tying goal, an average shot on his glove side.

just a big rut he will pull out.i did not know about the no trade in sundin contract.why would the leafs sign a contract like that to a player that is as old as sundin?

The Oilers have looked really good the last couple of games, and with the recent trade for tarnstrom and spacek, I see them going on a 5 or so game winning streak.