Eskies Embarrassing...

There were three concerns coming into this season for Esk fans:

  1. Coaching staff - I think Lancaster Jr. showed his play-calling brilliance when they decided to stop running the ball for no good reason after getting 30 yards on the ground in the 1st quarter. Also, the low percentage pass out of the shotgun on a 2nd and 2 cemented my opinion that he learned how to call plays from playing Madden football on PS2.

  2. Offensive line - they have been inconsistent, but really so has BCs O-line. I think the difference is more due to play calling and execution on offense. It's hard to block well when the defense always knows EXACTLY which player has the ball all the time on every single play.

  3. Running back - we have several guys who look like they could tear up the field if given more than 5 or 6 carries a game. McClendon, Jenkins, and Dedrick are all capable backs but not one of them will get a 100-yard rushing game this year unless they break one of their 5 carries for 90 yards. But even if he did, the coaches would immediately abandon the running game and call passing plays from a 5 receiver set out of the shotgun for the final 3 quarters.

The team still looks good, but who is driving this thing?

not happy with rl jr. shocking.

Have to agree with Eski-moses, and Esks T mac... Your coaches are killing you. I would have thought Hugh Campbell would have been making noises.

I think Hugh figures this much:

  • Like last season, the team is underachieving, and some off-season tinkering is required again.

  • Personnel has been improved, so likely the problem is not the talent on the field. Therefore, it must be coaching.

The way I see it is the Esks will most likely make the playoffs again this year and it is too late in the season to be making major changes.

Unless the Esks catch fire down the stretch and win the Grey Cup there will be some coaching changes this off-season, and they probably won't involve the defense...

I agree that Maccioca should go. He is doing a horrible job, not just with play calls, but more importantly with keeping the players motivated.

The ONLY game this season where they were actually fired up was in the win over BC, and that was just barely. The rest of the time, they haphazardly played with their opponents, kind of like a cat torturing a mouse. They could have easily won most of their games this year, but instead elected to play "just good enough." Sometimes "just good enough" would get them the win, sometimes not. Unfortunately, it seems that no one (I place the blame on Maccioca) is getting in their faces, giving them ****. If no one puts the fear of god into them, of course they're not going to perform to their full potential.

Besides, who can be afraid of Maccioca? I wouldn't. He's what, 5 foot nothing, and has never played football himself. Why would any self-respecting professional player give any thought to what he says?

The people who have put the blame on their O-line are totally right too. They've been more of a sieve than a line, that's for sure. And Kabongo should play a lot more often - I have season tickets right behind the bench, and Kabongo is easily the biggest guy around. He's HUGE!!!

And it's sad to say, but more often than not, the fans are more supportive of players who made a great play when they return to the bench. You'd think that a TD or an interception would merit a "mugging", but there have been times when the player might get a couple high-5's but nothing more from their teammates. Why play that little extra bit harder if you're not going to get any serious recognition for it from your team?

Agree with most of what you've said...but the more I think about it, the more I think BC and EE are two very similar teams. Both take a tonne(don't ask me why...) of penalties. Both have questionable o-line's...and yet, one's 11-2 and the other is can get by on talent, but you can't buy heart.

I could care less where we play in the playoffs, Turd. What I'm concerned about is the lack of desire on this club. I truly believe that they think they can mail game's in and that goes against everything that is "Eskimos". Even now, I'm so embarrassed by this club's effort on the weekend...and getting it from the orafice staff...but I could care less about that...the EE have to clean the kitchen and hope for a run down the stretch.

Thats what you get for screaming for Higgins' head last year

Gobbler, you used to be insightful on the rare occasion, but usually amusing none the less. You're neither lately...

ro, Higgins made his bed. He did make some lousy calls and was let down by some players whom he had confidence in...but the Esks re-loaded on talent, but digressed on coaching...I simply do not get this organization sometimes...

And I stand corrected, Paul JONES should be the next GM of the Esks...been away from Esks nation for a while.....

But who would you rather have Higgins or Maccioca

Obviously the Esks have a good team talent-wise, and all you Eskimo fans know that the problem is getting them to actually play to their potential.

I remember I was hoping that when you were replacing Higgens, you interviewed Buellfuielleiie (No offence to any french speaking fans on here, but I honestly can't remember how to spell his name. If it's any consolation, I think I know how to pronounce it, and you can all murder my Ukrainian last name anytime you want) and I was hoping that you'd take him for your head coach. When you didn't, I thought we were in trouble, but more because he was still going to be our O.C.

I try to read the articles I can about the Esks in your online papers, and it seems that from the get-to, nobody was overly excited about Maccioca (again, sp?), they were hoping the personnel could overcome him, not the other way around.

But, as a Rider fan, I can't really hope you get this straightened out, it gives us a better chance of beating you at Commonwealth. :slight_smile:

Honestly, ro...I don't know. Higgins gambles too much. Macciocia can't fire up his team...or so it seems. But at the end of the day, the players have to play and frankly I'd fire some of those guys before any coach...

You guys seem to put maybe too much emphasis on the Eskimos themselves. The league is quite balanced this year. So when Edmonton loses, credit can be given to the opposing team. It's not always the coaches or players' fault. Sometime, the opposing team just play a greater game.

But Third, on paper the Eskies have a pretty good lineup (minus the running game) Good thing we play the game on a field and not on paper! I think what Esk-Moses is saying a coach has to get that talent ready and up for the game. Too many times the Esks have come out flat. They should be playing the same way they did when they beat BC.

As good as the Esks are, if the opposition out works, out hustles and out plays them, there could be a few more stinkers.

True Sporty...

The player's job is to execute a game plan...the coach's job is to come up with the game plan...and there lies the problem. If McClendon runs for 38 yards on 6 carries in the 1st don't stop giving it to the guy!? But that's what happened Friday. And when you're 2nd and don't throw a 30 yard's really not rocket science.

Yes, listen to Eski-Moses.

This has been a popular refrain in Edmonton for months now:

"The defense is expecting a pass! Hand off the ****-ing ball for once!"

Still, success shouldn't hang on this.

The Alouettes ran about 8 times per game last season and they finished with a 14-4 record.

What hellothere does not understand is that us TiCat fans have been coming faithfully all year, despite the standings. Most games have been close and we know that the Cats are a good team, that is not reflected in the standings. The Cats have not produced when they needed to, fact! Admittedly, that is what winning teams do, produce when they need to. It does not mean that the Cats are a bad team. They needed to tinker and unfortunately they waited too long to do it.
The main point; THE FANS ARE GOING NOWHERE BUT TO THE GAMES, WIN OR LOSE. We are committed and believe, despite what the standings are.
Could the Argos say the same about their fans if they were losing????
History says no!