Eskies Embarrassing...

Well, first off...congrats BigDave and your merry band of kissing linemen...big win for a team who are at least addressing the issues of a losing season.


The Esks are embarrassing themselves, the storied franchise, and most importantly...the fans. It's almost as though they were making excuses even before the opening kick-off. Did anyone here Montford after the game?? "We were afraid this was going to happen..." What?? What the f*** did you just say? Maybe you should've stayed in the Hammer with that loser attitude..

Many of you lament the fact that Eskie fans expect to win every game...of course that's not going to happen...but they expect to. The players, should expect the EXACT same thing out of themselves...or, at the very least, WIN THE GODDAMNED GAMES YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO!!

After the Riders game I stated that they were underacheivers and if they didn't hand BC their asses then they were indeed overrated as many of the uninformed on this board have suggested in the past...but they went out and proved something...and sent a message. Now, this stinker. Can anyone argue, with a straight face, that I wasn't initially correct? Of course not.

The Esks are a classic example of a bunch of Hollywood athletes collecting big checks and playing for "the" franchise and expect to win simply by sliding the jersey's over there shoulder pads. And when that happens, it takes a coach with the nuts to sit them down and rip into them like they've just cheated the 40 something thousand fans that attend week-in and week-out. But Macciocia isn't the guy...I bet Hughie goes down and talks to them instead. Is that the answer? Of course not...

The answer, in my opinion is to hire Paul Brown(head scout, I believe) to be the next EE GM. That guy's been finding unreal talent for the Esks for years and he's the answer...let him bring in anyone he wants to coach this team...I don't have a crystal ball but my bet would be...buh-bye RD...and quite possibly Macciocia. And Rick Campbell...a former pal of mine but sorry dude, you're out too. EE before friendshit, er, ship, ya know.

Now...I'm not saying this season is a wash but a great deal of my frustration lies with the fact that the Esks have TO, Sask, BC, CGY left...and again, they come up with this stinker. These are all winable games but highly unlikely with the level of intensity :shock: this team is playing with at the moment. Realistically...I believe they'll go 2-2 the rest of the way and finish 10-8. And make no mistake, folks...10-8, with the caliber of talent on this team, would very much feel like a losing season to many an Esks fan.

TOTAL DOMINATION by the 'Cats last nite. I really expected the roles reversed; especially with the return of Hervey. Something tells me the 'Cats will play spoiler to a few more teams yet.

.......has to be coaching.......they are the rudder that guides not only the during-game events but more importantly the pre-game events......coming off a high by beating BC and perceiving an easy win in Hamilton is a judgement error on the coaching staff..........

I agree with you buddy on most parts. Except the Joe Montford part. Joe Montford said 1 day after the BC Game, "Hamilton is no push-over. We have to go in there focused, and match their intensity." They didn't. Hamilton came out fired up, and the Eskimos didn't match their intensity. Hamilton is a team that had nothing to lose and they beat us. They wanted it more than the Eskimos.

I agree. RD Lancaster will be gone, and I hope so. Because with playcalling like a 30 yard out on 2nd and 2, I don't know what you would be thinking. You think you would just do that hitch pass to Hervey and let them get the first down, or a shovel pass to McClendon.

And the defence had it's easily worst game of the year. Sure, they picked off McManus but they also let up 40 points!! I realize the Eskimos offence did nothing to spark them but sometimes you have to do something yourselves.

Although I think on defence their was some questionable calls like the Davis Sanchez pass interference in the endzone, the Malcolm Frank pass interference, the Joe Montford roughing-the-passer.. you have to do your job and stay focused. You cannot take 18 penalties and expect to beat anyone in the Canadian Football League. By the way, how soft was the Joe Montford roughing the passer!? He slowed down as best as he could before he hit him, and while he gave him a little hit, he held onto him preventing him to go on the ground!

They took Tony Tompkins out of the game. Simple as that.

But the biggest issue on the team is the dreaded old and slow O-Line. I have no clue! No clue, why they don't start Patrick Kabongo! He does his job when he's in there and rarely gets beat. But, Danny Maciocia wants to stand there and repeadedly watch his old guys get hammered. Then one carry to Diedrick, He got the ball and hit Joe McGrath's back!! I don't care if your against The Kissing Bandit, you have to hold your block long enough to get Diedrick the ball. They need to be spending money on Jason Tucker, and some O-Line help this off season. If Third and Ten was right with the Ozuma Okeke being a free-agent, that would be great. It would replace Bruce Beaton. Anyways..

Overall, they played horrible. Like Danny Maciocia said "There are no positives out of this game tonight." Couldn't agree more. Well.. maybe Mike Bradley, he played good and gave a good effort. Like Danny Maciocia again, I hope this is just 1 game, and I think it will be.

I agree Eski-Moses with almost everything except CFL players are far from Hollywood superstars collecting big paycheques. They probably make on average $55,000 each.

Even good teams have days like that.

Beating B.C. was no small thing.......but NEVER take bad teams lightly.

The great side of this is for the whole CFL.Hamilton fans needed something like this to keep the fans interested.

Good insights as to the plight of the Eskimos. I agree with the sentiments regarding the coaching. I could not watch, but listened in disgust while helping a friend move.

never underestimate a team that is hungry....and the Cats' were for Esks. ... what an ego builder the game against the Lions was......and what a downer to suffer at the hands of a last place team............Wpg....almost had Esks. earlier in the year...and they let them off the hook on the last play of the game....hard to explain thier performance against, supposedly, weaker teams....Esks. obviously have a flaw... :!:

Just let me clarify a couple of points:
The interference call on Frank could have gone either way. If it hadn't been called, there would have been some Ticat fans arguing it; so I guess you can't keep everyone happy.
Sanchez in the end zone was definitely interference. He hit the receiver about a second before the ball arrived. Even Suitor, a former safety who always sides with the DB, said it was a good call.
Roughing the passer is roughing the passer, no matter how "light" it was. It was hard enough to knock him down, and was plenty late. The Cats have been called on a lot less.

After the Cats' loss to Calgary I was going to get on here and bitch about the officiating: there were some terrible calls in that game. But then I thought better of it, for a couple of reasons. First, the Cats lost the game because they played badly, and had those calls gone the other way, they still would have lost; so I figured that there's no use complaining. Second, the calls were mostly close ones, and the officials did a decent job making them on the fly without the benefit of replay. And third, and most importantly, I didn't want to look like one of those whiners who blame the officials every time my team loses (I'd be doing nothing but complaining if I did that this year.)

Similarly in yesterday's game, any "questionable" calls were close ones that in the end had no effect on the game's outcome. If I were an Eskimo fan, I wouldn't mention the officiating, for fear of coming across as a whiner.

The only thing better than Edmonton losing last night is if the Riders win in B.C. and Calgary loses, then we will have second place.

Very good posts Eski-moses and eskstmac!

I agree good ensight by two very good eskie fans!

see below

Once you got too "Best O line" you lost all credibility for me . :lol: If this was an attempt at sarcasim you did a pretty damn good job.

SO HOW COME..........B.C. and the ARGOS have better season records?

He lost me after best stadium
No bias there.
Lonzell dont hurt your arm

To the beloved Eski-Moses:
I think when your esks blew the game against Saskatchewan, their season went down the tubes. Invincible, hardly, competitiive, yes; consistent - not this season. I'd make an appointment for a shrink right now because you and alot of Eskimo fans are going to need one after this season. Good luck to you all.

Riders Rule
Esks drool

Seriously Eski-Moses, it is very well possible that the Esks get no home playoff game this year. The playoffs should be a done deal, but the home game... not done. Better start thinking about it if you don't want to end up crying in a few weeks...

Just wondering why Higgins was let go...seems to me he's the guy you need right now.

They got rid of him because of his controversial call during the sask vs. edm playoff game last year. The play involved a fake punt during the end of the first half in their own territory. The play failed and resulted in sask scoring a td or fieldgoal(cant remeber). Basically it gave sask momentum going into the next half. Higgins actually stepped down from the job as head coach because everyone was pis*** off at him for his decision, no one fired him.

Anyways, i'd prefer higgins over maciocca any day!