Eskies DBs soon on the market

Esks trade Mann to shed salary

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By Mario Annicchiarico, Edmonton Journal

February 17, 2010 5:35 AM

The first shoe dropped on Tuesday. More than just the other one could fall soon.

...The [Eskimos] defensive secondary is overloaded, both numbers-wise and salary-wise,
and will likely take its lumps, much like it did on the gridiron last season.

That means that the likes of Kelly Malveaux, Anthony Malbrough,
Bradley Robinson and possibly Randee Drew are marked men.

Okay so which of these guys are worth going after, folks?

Malveaux and Marlbrough, take a pass; both are well past their 'best before' date.

Robinson I know little about so can't comment.

Randee Drew would be a nice replacement for Thompson at HB.

Go after Drew if you can. He was the Als’ best cover man in 2008 and it’s my feeling that he only lost his job in 2009 because he was still rehabbing a serious knee injury during training camp and wasn’t up to speed on the coverage changes that Burke was implementing.

You bring Drew in to replace Thompson and you’re fine IMO.

i doubt they will get rid of drew.... Malbrough looks like the odd man out to me

If we get one of these guys it will be because we traded a DB to them. Therefore the aquisitioon of one of them might be considered a trade of DBs and Mann as the extra. Seems like Obie might have a plan that the detractors of the trade in Hamilton haven't considered.

Hamilton and Edmonton do have a history of deals that include a Part A, followed by a related Part B.

I hope that's not a shot at me, because I have made it clear from my initial comments in the Trade thread that the Mann-Thompson trade makes a lot more sense if there is proven help on the way at DB.

Then its obvious I'm not referring to you

they traded thompson yesterday for mann because they had probably already signed shivers and poole just didnt announce it till today obies got the bases covered his basic math is we gave up one db and got two dbs and a receiver im liking his math skills