Eskies @ crygary stumpeders predictions:

Eskies 37 other team 17

any other predictions...

...that you have a grade 9 education.........

........that you just got your password and decided to make a fool of yourself right away?.............

.....or that this is eskswingreycup all over again.....

.....:shock: ........could be sis, could be.......

Calgary will have 53 and Edmonton will have 1.

i think the eskimos are gona kill those ****** cowboys

........thanks, we were pretty concerned about what your thoughts were........

You know redandwhite I feel better now too.

there are typical crygary idiots on this site as well, this is an eskimos forum , but i guess your life is so boring and your so jealous you have to post in here, i guess i too would havelittle big man syndrome if my team hadn't made the playoffs for 4 years in a row,lololololol, 4 years in a row for the stumpeders in a league where only 3 teams don't make it,lolololol, hang your head in shame. listen up baby einstein........firstly there is no such thing as 'little big man syndrome', unless you are trying to invent a mental condition where a patient thinks they are Dustin Hoffman portraying a elderly Sioux Indian is really called 'little man syndrome', learn it, you'll probably need it in life.........secondly, while I'll agree the last three years of the stamps organization were a disaster, why would we hang our heads today?........we have in one year rebuilt to the point where we are nipping at your organization's heels, and threatening to surpass your vaunted club this weekend, in ONE shame here swinitall the inuit.........sorry that makes you a little nervous there but thems the breaks dude.......

I guess he can go back to chewing that buckskin now!

your the one that has to post in the eskimos forum, you have the inferiority complex, jealousy is what you stink of little man, eskies will demolish your sad excuse of a team, oh and the game isn't even sold out and your high school stadium only holds 34000,lololol mickey mouse all the way and you verify that every time you post in here......good luck tomorrow cause you will need it against the best defence in the league.

LOL first and last time I'll peak into this forum. I feel dumber
already. :lol: :lol: :lol:

LOL first and last time I'll peak into this forum. I feel dumber
already. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Do you work at yuk yuk's

Choke artists.
What are your excuses this week???
When you fire your present coach, who are you going to hire??
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Told you, that you would be playing here 2 weeks in a row.
My god how humiliating, you guys just got totally and completely B-Slapped by a team that is rebuilding... If I was a ESK fan, I would shoot myself in the head.... How can you ever say anything on here again? My God what a bunch of underachievers.
See you next week.. I hope for a better game. Perhaps you guys could "draft" a few from your junior team.
How many interceptions did Ray throw today? I guess he is still getting green and red mixed up.
Stamp 78
PS. my wife read this before I posted. She said it was pretty nasty.. Then she said "it's perfect". Oh yeah and she is from Edmonton

Buddy, take it easy, your embarassing yourself with that, good game Stamps, way to give us a beat down, im guessing Red&White is enjoying this one!

You thought this one was bad.. Wait till next week...
LOL, enjoy the rivalry, I know I am today, but tommorow is another day.
Stamp 78
PS. Is that Budha I hear crying in the corner?