Eskies @ Cats on a windy and wet Saturday in Hamilton

Just about to head out for the Cats game. Not the nicest day for a ball game. Rain and crazy winds right now. Hopefully this front passes through quickly and at least some of the game is dry and less windy.

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Enjoy, Pat. Should be fun to watch. :thup:

nothing like shitty weather to ruin what could have been a great game.

Ticats D keeping Reilly & friends at bay so far at the end of the 1st quarter. Bigger defensive battle which is what I thought we were going to see in the last game.

No rain - just wind so far - advantage Ticats who are used to the swirling winds at THF

Not good. Not a cheap shot either. Dang.

His knee gave out before the tackle. Yikes, hopefully he is back before the playoffs or the East will be wide open.

Reilly is looking like Crompton.

ACL, gone for the season.

Wish him the best, but if Zach is gone the Cats still have a decent rookie back up.
If my Argos and frankly the RB stay competitive, it my now factor into a wild East finish.

Zack wouldn't be walking around if this were true.


Remember, those games the Ti-Cats were blowing teams out ?
ZC stayed in when the game was won.
He should have been out to give Mathews much needed time.

He may be a good back up, but he will not have the timing.

BTW, early in the first JC Sherrit took a dirty cheap shot at ZC's knee.
I have to wonder if that caused it to go a little limp ?

The good sign , is he is walking on it and no crutches.

Please get well and back soon ZC.

You can walk with an ACL injury . Playing pro QB , not so much.

You can stand and walk with a torn ACL. Just ask Rob Bagg.

Bring back Franklin. Reilly isn't looking so good.

A real one sided officiating today.

Hamilton gifting this one to the Eskimos with sloppy turnovers. None of which were great plays by the defense, just terrible decisions by the Cats.

Both teams should not mention refs after this game. Reilly looked as bad as you can look. The rookie playing for Collaros was brutal, but was thrown in to the fire. If Zack doesn't get hurt,the Cats win by 40.

Zach's injury aside, the Hamilton QB stiff backups gave this game away.
The Esks were brutal but they did not deserve it.

So not only do you beat my team mercilessly every time you meet them, but you cost me what I thought would be a 4 -0 weekend! :lol: