Eskies at Nags game thread (7:30 p.m. TSN)

TSN will tee it up momentarily! :wink:


Game is on now.

And because of that 7:30 kickoff time, did not miss a single seconds of it.

Geez, BYF, you are nice! I told the guy he could count the final score with his toes and you were diplomatic! LOL

I guess I usually am diplomatic.

Anyway, 3-0 Stamps. Anyone watching this? I'm listening to the 5th quarter now.

Well, I am. LOL

Keep me posted as to how many "burn the witches, we only won by 19" calls get on the 5th Quarter. :wink:

Too late. I already lost track. Maybe I should've kept track of how many of those calls did not come in. :slight_smile:

HOW DARE YOU WIN! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Reynolds TD -- Stamps up 10-1, 2nd quarter.

17-1 Stamps after the Cornish TD

Esks had better wake up LOL....

17-2 Nags at the half with a second Prefontaine missed FG.

24-2 Stamps after the Copeland CIRCUS CATCH!

Well, I'm finally home in Cambridge after a stopover in Brantford to unclog some plumbing at my oldest daughter's place. Looks like I haven't missed much (I want the Esks). Has anything interesting happened at all?

PS - Burn the Warlocks too.... come on, don't be sexist.

26-2 Stamps after the Prefontaine safety.

Esks might show up for one quarter. Doubtful though.

LMAO at warlock combustion!

Well, Copeland's catch is the highlight so far...Stamps are containing the Esks offense, big time!

29-2 Stamps after the DeAngelis FG -- this is officially a laugher!

More pts for Calgary. Time to go to kitchen and grab a late supper.

29-8 Stamps with the Edm. Ray-to-Mann TD -- the two-point conversion is no good.

Calgary recovers the onside kick attempt.

Back in time to note that I didn't need to get back in time. 3 more.