Eskie's at Montreal

To be honest I liked the rush the Defence had last night against Winnipeg. Next up at Montreal; should be interesting to see how Calvillo responds against the Green and Gold rushing unit. Considering how the LB's were chaseing Lefors around the back field, I expect to see A.Calvillo getting sacked a few times. A rematch of last years Eastern final, a road win in this match will be worth :cowboy: PRICELESS.

The difference is Montreal's offence is to get the ball out of Calvillo's hand as fast as possible. If Edmonton's pass rush was as good against Winnipeg, I expect nice small passed to Cobourne, and let him do the rest, and burn the defence. Not knocking on Winnipeg, but they're Offence isn't exactly in Montreal's league.

Should be great to see, Offensive 'genius' Trestman vs Defensive 'genius' Hall.

Personally, and also from a VERY bias point of view, Montreal wins this easily :slight_smile:

Have a great one guys!


Ricky Ray always plays well against Montreal, but the absence of Tucker and Campbell in the receiving corps gives us an advantage. Tucker, in particular, was an Als killer year in and year out. If I had to watch one more Ray-to-Tucker TD against us on a corner route, I would have vomited. :wink:

Should be an interesting matchup, as Ryooon pointed out. I give my Als a slight edge playing at home, but I would also not be surprised to see an Eskimos victory.

Montreal has been the only team to really impress me all-around after week 1, i'd give them the edge at home against us also. We just aren't aggressive enough on offense yet, nor has our return game on ST been consistently good yet.

Considering the beatdown the Als laid on the defending champions on the road, I don't think there's any question about who'll win. It could be a close game, or it could be a blowout. Whatever happens, Montreal will get the W.

Edmonton's D looks scary good very early. Not that I'm surprised with Richie Hall as HC. It is going to be important for Calvillo to get into a rhythm early to avoid what happened to Winnipeg last week. Also, we need to stretch Edmonton's D to make them respect the big play and open up the underneath stuff that Trestman and Milanovich love to run.

I think a few factors lead to the outcome of the Winnipeg/Edmonton final.

The field conditions must of influenced the game a little. Natural grass, and the heavy rain that came down. Its as much of a disadvantage to the defenders as it is for the offensive players, but I think that limited the mobility of the running backs and receivers.

Also, I don't know what to think of LeFors as a starter. I went to the pre-season game, and he made a lot of bad choices. He didn't look bad against Edmonton, but I don't think he is a real starter.

Throw in the fact that Edmonton will be a Defensive-Oriented team this season.

Hall is a Defensive genius, no question. It will be interesting to see how his defensive scheme matches up against Trestman's creative Offensive mind. Montreal moved the ball well against Calgary, but they did have a few rookies in there, he looked lost, which is completely normal for a rookie, american player.

Should be interesting, and I don't want to come off as cocky or arrogant, but I'd be shocked if this game is close :twisted:

Kidding, with Ricky Ray as QB, anything is possible.

Can't wait.

One thing I wasn't aware of until today is that Edmonton has a pair of rookies at CB. Hopefully Trestman and Milanovich will be able to exploit matchups to our advantage.

this will be a real test for the Esks D . if Edmonton has any hope of winning Ray is going to have to be Very sharp , haven't seen it yet this year.

To be fair, it was only 1 week. Also, Ray is without his 2 favourite weapons, Jason Tucker and Kelly Campbell.