Eskies are the BEST!

I know, i know, a humbling loss..
but don't you think it's just that the Eskimoes are so FINE that they are bored with bad teams such as Hamilton? I think even the Ticats know that they normally couldn't even carry the Esks' jockstraps..
We saw the real Eskies against those loser Lions.. I really believe Edm. is so SUPREMELY talented that they CAN turn it on and off.. so not to worry.. All they have to do is get in the playoffs.. which essentially they have done.
add it up..
the best stadium..
the most money..
the best QBs
the best WRs
the best O-Line..
the best secondary
the best special teams
Young talent and sagely veterans throughout..
All CFL players want to play there so getting new talent is never a problem..
the best field..
the best coaching staff..
the best front office
the best import talent
the best Cdn talent
Hugh Campbell..
Dwayne Mandrusiak
I'm convinced McClendon is the new Reggie Taylor.. just give him a chance..
Don't forget, they have Paul Jones..
even Eskie backups would be stars elsewhere.. Mike Bradley is better than KentonKeith.. Fleiszer is another Doug Brown; Jason Johnson is WAY better than Casey Printers..
the only POSSIBLE weak link is AJ Gass, who is ordinary in coverage and so-so in his gap cancellation assignments.
Otherwise, plan the parade for the usual route..
All is well in the Alberta capital..

you're kidding me...............................

Hmmmm someone really enjoys our exported BC bud!

haha who doesn't

who'd spend that much time writing something just in an attempt to upset other team's fans?


OK OK so I ripped off R&W.....but what can I say the guys funny lol..

Just poking a bit of fun at ya Edm fans....Theres at least one of these on everyones team website :lol: :wink: