Eskies announce Cuts

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Hope Edmonton has a good week to prepare for the Argos.
Practice roster to follow soon.

I just saw Dave Campbell's tweets. I wasn't surprised as I read through the names. I'm guessing Masoli will be going to the PR.

4QBs? 3 Kicking Players? I don’t think these are the final cuts are they, as the site still shows far more than 46 players?

They should have kept Coleman and Collins. Sewell appears to have been a casualty only because Reid is back.

Maybe they will be on the practise roster along with Figurs who was hurt anyway.

We will need another receiver before too long in place of Carter or Hargreaves. I guess they are seeing non-import potential, but we don’t need both of those guys.

Marcus Henry is out for nine games, and I hope they put Collins and Figurs on the practise roster but I think they both will be picked up by another team.

Also I do not agree with the inclusion of the following players on the roster if they are to remain at all:


I might be the first to meltdown on here during a game should any of these guys screw up in a game too.

Also it is interesting if we are retaining 4QBs and 3 kicking players. I guess they could not make up their minds?

It looks like they have until 10PM EDT anyway to indicate the final decisions:

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After looking at the Montreal roster; there are 62 players; [46 active roster | practice roster at 7 | 9 gamed at 2 | injured at 6 |suspended at 1]
My count the Eskies have 62; [57 active roster | 0 on practice roster | 9 gamed at 3 | 0 for injured | suspended at 2 ]
Still to be determined on the final.

I would think Masoli ends up on the PR, however it's hard to say. Clint Kent LB - recent cut from Winnipeg is in town.

^^ I wouldn't mind seeing him cut. :lol:

Tweet by Morley Scott: I'm gonna guess Collins , maybe Scales, Goebel Sewell maybe Figurs and 1 of import OL get asked back on PR #beenwrongbefore

That should hopefully simmer Paolo a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Chief, but it's Sunday morning and still no final roster damnit.

You would think it's a trade secret with this delay until the deadline and beyond. Someone please post the link to the final roster when you see it.

Will post it when I see it; Steenbergen and Stevenson will start on the perimeters on the O-Line, Charles the starting Running Back, Alexander the starting Safety, WR Henry will be game to game [comes off the 9 game injured] - Joel Bell and Tyler Scott are 9 gamed, and one kicker may go to the practice roster...all info from Canoe Sports.

There are still 57 or 58 players on Edmonton roster; Teams had until 22 hours-Easter time- last night to set their rosters at 46 active rosters. I know that they have informed the League but why don’t they keep their fans informed? First the active roster,including injured players,then practice roster.

Edmonton and Saskatchewan have not responded accordingly,at least to their fans. Let’s hope,for their fans, that they will more alert against the opposition during the regular season.

Could Edmonton wait until they have decided on the number 1 QB,before setting their active roster/keeping their fans informed?


I seen a tweet yesterday; around noon [Sunday] or shortly after for rosters and such to/will be announced. It is now 12:12 P.M. Edmonton time. Frustrating to say the least...sigh
LB Clint Kent - WR Glenn Mackay have agreed to deals with the Esks.

I don't understand the signing of Glen MacKay. Any player injured/released amongst: Matt Carter,Shamawd Chambers,Nate Coehoorn and Aaron Hargreaves? If,as have been mentionned, they play 5 non-imports on offensive line,why do they need so many non-import WR/SB?

Edmonton is the only Team that has not set-up it's final roster,at least on their site.

Could be a long season for their fans and Eric. He could prove me wrong,but it does not look good,at least now.


After all this time they better not keep all those non-import receivers too!

Coehorn and Chambers are the only two who bring something promising to the table. Maybe whoever this MacKay guy is, he's better than Hargreaves and Carter.

Post the roster -- it's Sunday evening already damnit!

It turns out the PR won't be announced until tomorrow. I'm curious what the hold up is. :expressionless: Someone did mentioned that we'd be adding a bunch of people to the injured list. Maybe that's complicating things...

I understand with regards to practice roster,since players have to clear waivers before they can sign to the practice roster.

With regards to 46 active players + the injured players,they had to inform the League/they know the facts. Why don't they inform their and the CFL fans? There are no secrets.


According to CFL transactions of June 23rd,2012, non-import OL Dylan Steenbergen has been transferred to Disabled.


According to latest CFL transactions, the Eskimos have added 9 players to injured list; they are:
Delroy Clarke
Aaron Hargraves
Simoni Lawrence
Etienne Légaré
Jeremiah Masoli
Derico Murray
Michael Ricks
Derek Schiavone
Dale Stevenson


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Two imports have been added to the roster it appears too, so I'll be interested to see the Eskimos' site updated on hopefully Monday once this is all done.

CFL veteran LB Clint Kent
Kicker Swayze Waters

It looks to me like an awful lot of guys got hurt (wink, wink) on Sunday, and then we'll see who is on the practice roster too.

Thanks Richard, one other transaction; DE Shawn Lemon is released.

They weren't joking when they said a bunch of guys would be going on the injured list. Jesus. :lol: