Eskie Rider game predictions!

Okay thats put the cards on the table who is going to win?
I think this is the game the Eskies show up and put up numbers but hey I have been wrong before!

It's a bit early for things to go wrong for us yet so I'm pretty sure the Riders will win. We'll get our big loss probably vs Calgary or in the playoffs.

Ok Unreal I believe you but I think the contest is going to be a battle and really both teams have a good chance but the Eskies at home are tough. Good luck from your favorite troll!

I honestly think the Eskies will win in a blowout, with Troy Davis racking up lots of running yards. I also think this is the game that Hervey will begin to be used more.

Hervy was a non factor in the last game but I think you maybe right just when you forget about him boom he gets in the end zone. With Sanchez out this might hurt a bit but then again it maybe a non factor again. The thing here is the Riders may have their mind on revenge for the Oct 23 game so you may be right. The Riders better not look past this game or they could get their butts kicked.

What are Ray's passing yards in the last two games anyone know? Can't be more than 300 yards combined.

dam, forgot about sanchez... he IS a big factor. His replacement made some mistakes last game that resulted in some big plays for toronto. If sask. can expose this weakness i could see the game being a closer one. Im pretty confident my esks can pull out a win though. :slight_smile:

Bradley was injured too. Is he going to be out of the game as well. I do not think that will be a big factor other the special teams play.

I think Bradley just plays special teams, I don’t see him being much of a factor. Don’t know if hes in or out either.

redwhite you sure do worry about Rider games more then Stamps games don't you. I really do think you like the Riders and just do all this stuff to make it seem like you don't :slight_smile:

This will be one hell of a game. The riders Defence should turn it up after Saturdays bad showing. Morgan is back at Corner, so our secondary is back to normal, and remember kids our normal is the CFL's best.
Our run defence is also really good.
I think this game will depend on whetehr the Rider offence can score points. If they come up with 21-28 points I think the defence can hold the Esks to under that.
I think these are two good football teams that are pretty evenly matched, whoever makes the least mistakes will win.

Less of two evils is the Riders, I'll go with them, they seem to beat Edmonton when the plesure is on.

GO RIDERS!!!!! and Bombers!!!!! :mrgreen:

I believe the difference in this game will be the offesnive lines because the front 7 on both sides are incredibly strong. I imagine this being a close lower scoring game because strong defences usually beat strong offenses. Im thinking it'll be a 21-17 win for the ummmmm eskimos but it could jus tas easily be hte riders. Both teams have a lot to play for in this game the riders want a home playoff date for the first time in like 20 years and the esks want to catch BC now that theyre slumping

Well over 300 yards actually, 441 yards passing.

The Riders won't beat Edmonton at home. The Riders barely won at Taylor field. But we won't bring that game up again.

Esks win in a nail biter.

The Eskies got the boost they needed...A running game...Troy Davis. I hate to admit it, but that was the last piece of the puzzle. Yes Sanchez is out, but I think Edmonton will take this game at home. 36-31 sounds like a good number.

Edmonton 100 Saskatchewan 2.
That sounds like a good number.

great insight saskie, wayto contribute

(Saskargo has reached into the bait box....she's cast the line...what kind of fish will she reel in???)

Some sucker name billy_soup.

Saskatchewan - 35
Edmonton - 28