Eskie fans

Are you guys prepared to be knocked into east division?

3.crying towel

Chief i hope you stick around, we’ve lost a lot
of old Shmoe fans over the yrs when times got tough.


Times get tough and they bugger off.

....yeah, and that guy RunNealonRun....chicken...

who was he anyways Red lol

Or was it runrickeyrayrun?

...hey, aren't you supposed to be heading to the stadium?....

Actually, Chief and corney have been taking their lumps pretty good on here.

im leaving sooon get off work at 5:30.....gonna drink alot of beer just in case we dont get the ending we like

i dont remember Rawnotsorookierickyray or RunNealonRun

...that Raws one, worst handle ever...

...what's with the 'just in case' thought....I'd be drinking plenty heavily if I were won't want to remember this one....

if by worst you mean best...i agree

Take a towel

...usually when I write worst I don't mean best, I'm kind of particular that way...

cant get to drunk since its my moms B-day so i thought id ask her if she wants to come soo i gotta say somehwat respectable

RNR was one big bozo really!

...c'mon, its her birthday, she deserves to get hammered too....then you two can sing pirate songs and get on TV...but no streaking...

yah cant remember tht bozo. must have been around before my time

REmember corny the kid you lead out onto the field gets the MacDonalds certificate not you and please take off those big red shoes after the game. The red hair suits you though.

....Red, you think if RnR actually streaked it'd still be tough to tell if it was a he or a she?

Red is neck out this time?