Eskie coaching staff changes

If they get rid of Maccocia and Campbell? my picks to replace them would be Kepley and Gizmo Williams. Two people who luv tht team and the sport.
And yes i do have faith rookieray in them, just not those two idiots they call coach's.


Gizmo Williams doesn't know enough about Football to be doing any coaching??!?! are you kidding me? you want this team to become even worse than it is now? then you go and hire Williams!

and Kepley? come on now...

[quote="cflisthebest"]Gizmo Williams doesnI kid you not CHUMP !!!!! Kepley and Williams would be the best thing right now for them.It would get better,unlike the so called riders you tell me wht grt players they hav kept around and on the team???
NONE thts right and let's see who know's more you .... or two grt former cfl player's BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what about ron lancaster jr. he is your oc and your offense sucks. why pick on hughies boy when his defence while brutal is giving up as many points as the rest of the division while your offense scores less than half of bc?? actually i think edm has the worst coaching they have had in my lifetime right now which surprises me because that is one area they have always been fairly strong.i think danny boy is in over his head and his two loser coordinators are exposing his inability to take control. i recommend edm and sask do a trial coaching switch. head coach and both coord swap teams for the remainder of the season.

I've never been a fan of Lancaster Junior, and this year he is proving me right.

How does RD Lancaster continue to find employment in this league? Les we forget, he was the O.C. for the TiCats the year they went 1-17. Can't understand why he still has a job.

and the following year in wpg destroying what was a good offense

Lancaster Jr. isn’t the offensive coordinator for the esks.

Danny Maciocca doubles as both the head coach, and OC.

What area does Lancaster Junior coach? My bad too, I thought he was your offensive coordinator.